Brian's Kitchen

Brian's old kitchen in Toronto, Canada

All this kicking at the darkness can sure work up an appetite. Let's eat!

Brian's Kitchen is a compendium of the recipes that I've collected, tried, and not thrown out over the the many years I've spent as a fair-to-middling cook.

For the most part they're from my long subscription to Canadian Living, a magazine I like partly because they're not afraid of a little garlic or capsaicin.

Well, all right. Some of these I haven't tried yet, but when I do, I know they'll be good, I can just tell.

I strongly lean towards cooking things that are relatively simple to make, but very tasty or, even better, unusual. I gave up on making coquilles st-jacques quite long ago—too many dirty pots for a pretty small amount of goop on a fake shell.

Buon appetito!