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News/Analysis for Progressives

Select the categories (left sidebar) you want to see, then click "Apply" for the results. No click, no results! If you want to see a new category, clear the old results first.

The category "forbidden" is news from countries that are "official enemies," only for the daring! (It's often more interesting and accurate than western MSM.) BFFBTY=Banned from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube et al.

"News for progressives" is a catch-all category, for news media I couldn't really determine HAVE a category. Most of the time, you'll want to use it alone, or un-check it.

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Brian Robinson
+85516445835 (in Cambodia)
1,000 Apologies, I had to remove my actual e-mail address from this page. I got really tired of sock puppets offering me free sexual favours. (And NO! I don't know how many of them were Russian, and it wouldn't change my vote!) So here's one of those crappy contact forms that I really hate. Did I mention I'm sorry?
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