Sputnik News


Fort Russ


Syrian Arab News Agency

Russia Insider

Zerohedge (BFFBT)

South Front

Naked Capitalism


New Eastern Outlook

Oriental Review

Russophile, The

Left Chapter, The

World Socialist Web Site


Consortium News

Voltaire dotnet

Lew Rockwell

Anti-War dotcom

Oped News

Investment Watchblog

Interesting Engineering

Greanville Post

Activist Post


Canary, The Other

Electronic Intifada

Dissident Voice


Real News, The

UNZ Review

Science Daily Top Science

African Globe


David Stockman's Contra Corner

Real Independent News&Film


Global Research

Veterans Today

Breaking Science News

Vineyard of the Saker

Science News

World Beyond War

Science Magazine

Roberts, Paul Craig

MintPress News

Moon of Alabama

Counter Currents

Popular Resistance

Tyee, The (BC, Canada)

APTN News (Canada)

Rabble News

Duran, The

Free Thought Project

Quanta Magazine

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Middle East Observer (BFFBTY)

Investment Research Dynamics



Strategic Culture

Fisk, Robert


21st Century Wire

Native News Online

Blacklisted News

Defend Democracy Press (Delphi Initiative)

Counter Information

Ghion Journal

Assembly of First Nations (Canada)

People's Voice

Washington's Blog

Bartlett, Eva Karene


Engler, Yves

Johnstone, Caitlin

Hang the Bankers

Ron Paul Institute

Walking Eagle News

Grayzone, The

Black Agenda Report

Police Commander (UK)

Foreign Policy Journal

Cockburn, Patrick

American Police Beat Magazine

Taibbi, Matt

Murray, Craig

Ricochet Media (English)

Jewish Voice for Peace

Stop Police Brutality Now!

American Herald Tribune

Asia-Pacific Research

Black Lives Matter

Cop Block

Cosmic Scientist

Dark Politricks

Filming Cops

First Nations Drum

First Nations News (Canada)

Gangster Government

Media Lens

Popular Science

Popular Science - Technology

Press TV (Iran)

Progressive economics forum

Ricochet Media (French)

Salty Sarge

The 4th Media

Whitney, Mike

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