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Updated: 15 hours 32 min ago

Venezuela’s Guaido Investigated for Aid Embezzlement

18 hours 45 min ago

Guaido’s representative in the US, Carlos Vecchio, is also being accused of fraud in CITGO worth US $70 million.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

An Affective Picture of Chavismo (III): The Immense Fatigue

Tue, 2019-06-18 10:06

In part III of his series, Reinaldo Iturriza recalls how Chavez drew strength from what appeared to be a political defeat for him.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Study Linking US Sanctions to Venezuelan Deaths Buried by Reuters for Over a Month

Tue, 2019-06-18 09:53

Joe Emersberger turns an eye on the biased coverage of the press.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Guaido Staffers Accused of Embezzling Venezuela Humanitarian Aid Funds

Tue, 2019-06-18 03:51

Guaido envoys reportedly spent tens of thousands of dollars on upscale restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Sorting Out Reality from Fiction About Venezuela

Tue, 2019-06-18 01:13

Analyst Nino Pagliccia stresses the importance of fighting the disinformation that comes alongside US aggression against Venezuela.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Chavez, a Mirror of the People: A Conversation with Edgar Perez

Fri, 2019-06-14 21:30

An organizer and intellectual from Caracas’ La Vega barrio talks about the dialectical relationship between Hugo Chavez and the popular movement.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Is the Venezuelan Economy Stabilizing or Is the Worst Still to Come?

Fri, 2019-06-14 20:18

Venezuelan portal 15yÚltimo's latest editorial discusses the current economic reality and what may lie ahead.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Here’s Why Venezuela is the Vietnam of Our Time

Thu, 2019-06-13 20:32

Analyst Celina Della Croce looks at the multi-faceted aggression in Venezuela and how it lies at the center of a global geopolitical conflict.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Venezuelan Opposition: Inflation Drops Under One Million Percent

Thu, 2019-06-13 05:51

May was the third consecutive month with inflation below 50 percent.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Explanations for the Current Crisis in Venezuela: A Clash of Paradigms and Narratives

Tue, 2019-06-11 20:32

Steve Ellner debunks the myth (systematically promoted by Washington) that the Venezuelan “crisis” preceded the implementation of U.S. sanctions and thus the Maduro government alone is to blame for the current catastrophe. 

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Venezuela Partially Reopens Colombia Border, Closes Canadian Consulates

Tue, 2019-06-11 06:02

The move comes as a riot over fuel shortages in Merida leaves one dead.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

An Affective Picture of Chavismo (II): Loyal but Resigned

Tue, 2019-06-11 01:12

In his second article on an affective picture of Chavismo, Reinaldo Iturriza reflects on the dangers of a “resigned loyalty,” and how it generates a gap between the Chavista bases and leadership.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Tales of Resistance: Beyond Black and White

Sat, 2019-06-08 19:32

On the 20th anniversary of Chávez's first "Aló Presidente" broadcast, VA columnist Jessica Dos Santos looks back on this revolutionary tool and the current challenges in the communications field.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

US Treasury Department Tightens Sanctions on Venezuela Oil Sector

Sat, 2019-06-08 05:54

Washington is targeting diluent imports, hurting Venezuela’s ability to export oil and produce fuel.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Venezuela: Pompeo Exposes Frustration Over Opposition Divisions as China, Russia Call for Non-Interference

Fri, 2019-06-07 04:32

The US Secretary of State claims efforts to unify the opposition have been “devilishly difficult.”

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

An Affective Picture of Chavismo

Thu, 2019-06-06 20:37

Reinaldo Iturriza reflects on the affective relationship that emerged between Chávez and the people, and his unwavering commitment to the Chavista project.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy

Venezuela: Oil Production Reportedly Down as Gov’t Defaults on Gold Swap

Thu, 2019-06-06 07:54

Sanctions have taken a toll on Venezuela’s oil output and generated fuel shortages.

Categories: Forbidden, Foreign Policy