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With regional management BC’s iconic forest industry can benefit British Columbians rather than multinational corporations

Wed, 2018-01-17 07:13

Forests are one of the iconic symbols of British Columbia, and successive governments and companies operating here have largely focussed on the cheap, commodity lumber business that benefits industry. Former provincial forestry minister Bob Williams, who has been involved with the industry for five decades, proposes regional management of this valuable natural resource to benefit the public forests and the surrounding communities that depend upon them for economic benefits and jobs. 

In Restoring Forestry in BC: The story of the industry’s decline and the case for regional management, Williams calls on the Province to create a BC Forest Charter to ensure a provincial vision, sustainability principles, standards and goals, and a Forester General to work with regional foresters on local land planning processes. He also looks to Sweden as a country where forests are managed in a scientific manner for the public interest over the long term. 

Read the report.

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Community Economic Development in Manitoba - a new film

Tue, 2018-01-16 22:53

Cinameteque, Jan 23.  7:00 pm - Free event

Film Trailer

CCEDNET-MB, CCPA-MB, The Manitoba Research Alliance and Rebel Sky Media presents:

The Inclusive Economy:  Stories of Community Economic Development in Manitoba
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Winnipeg's State of the Inner City 2018

Wed, 2018-01-03 23:54

Winnipeg's community-based organizations are standing on shakey ground and confused about how to proceed with current provincial governement measurements.  Read the 2018 State of the Inner City Report.

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Our Schools/Our Selves: Winter 2018 is online now!

Tue, 2017-12-19 04:13

For the first time, this winter we are making Our Schools/Our Selves available in its entirety online. This issue of Our Schools/Our Selves focuses on a number of key issues that education workers, parents, students, and public education advocates are confronting in schools and communities, and offers on-the-ground commentary and analysis of what needs to be done for us to get this process right. It also provides updates from other jurisdictions grappling with the restructuring—or its aftermath—of education.

You can click through to access the whole issue, or to download individual articles.

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Charting a path to $15/hour for all BC workers

Thu, 2017-11-23 06:18

In our submission to the BC Fair Wages Commission, the CCPA-BC highlighted the urgency for British Columbia to adopt a $15 minimum wage by March 2019. Read the submission.

BC’s current minimum wage is a poverty-level wage. Low-wage workers need a significant boost to their income and they have been waiting a long time. Over 400,000 British Columbians—22 per cent of all paid employees in the province—work for less than $15 per hour and they would significantly benefit from a $15 minimum wage. 

Inadequate minimum wages are clearly a significant part of the poverty story in BC. The poverty rate in BC is currently the highest in Canada and our 2016 report Working Poverty in Metro Vancouver shows that BC leads the country in the rate of working poverty. When people think about poverty, they often think it is primarily a story of low welfare rates. But only about 4 per cent of British Columbians rely on social assistance at any given time. In contrast, about half the poor in BC are either the working poor or the children of the working poor. 

Our recommendation for the path to a $15 minimum wage is to front-load the minimum wage increase and implement it in three steps over 12 months as follows: 

  • $13 in March 2018
  • $14 in Sept 2018
  • $15 in March 2019 

This would represent a similar timeline of minimum wage increases as the BC government implemented in 2011 and will put BC on schedule to match Alberta and Ontario by March 2019.

The submission also offers recommendations for after the $15 minimum wage has been implemented and refutes arguments from those opposed to increasing the minimum wage. 

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CCPA-BC joins community, First Nation, environmental groups in call for public inquiry into fracking

Mon, 2017-11-06 02:14

Today the CCPA's BC Office joined with 16 other community, First Nation and environmental organizations to call for a full public inquiry into fracking in Britsh Columbia.

The call on the new BC government is to broaden a promise first made by the NDP during the lead-up to the spring provincial election, and comes on the heels of new revelations about the fracking process, including:

  • Escalating water usage by fracking companies.
  • Poor or misleading consultations with First Nations.
  • Widespread industry non-compliance with relevant provincial water laws through the construction of dozens of unlicensed dams.
  • Record-setting induced earthquakes at BC fracking operations.

Check out the full details and list of organizations calling for a public inquiry, read an oped by the CCPA-BC's Ben Parfitt, or add your voice to the call.

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