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Weekly Review And Open Thread 2017-43

Sun, 2017-11-26 19:57
Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama: Nov 20 - The Saudi System And Why Its Change May Fail Nov 21 - Russia In Syria - Military 'Failure' Sets Off Intense Diplomacy Nov 22 - Google Does Evil Nov 23...
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Trump Wants Peace With Erdogan - The Miltary Wants To Sabotage It

Sun, 2017-11-26 00:14
President Trump is attempting to calm down the U.S. conflict with Turkey. The military junta in the White House has different plans. It now attempts to circumvent the decision the president communicated to his Turkish counterpart. The result will be...
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And Then The Clown Prince Told Friedman: 'Suck On This.'

Sat, 2017-11-25 00:32
The Moustache of Understanding, Thomas Friedman, has written the probably most embarrassing fanfiction ever: The most significant reform process underway anywhere in the Middle East today is in Saudi Arabia. Yes, you read that right. Though I came here at...
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Give Thanks To MoA

Thu, 2017-11-23 23:12
It is Thanksgiving. It will soon be Christmas. Please consider to give some thanks, or a Christmas present, to this site. Moon of Alabama publishes original content, stuff that is hard to find elsewhere. It provides fact checked no-nonsense writing...
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Syria - This U.S. Occupation - Or "Presence" - Is Unsustainable

Thu, 2017-11-23 22:05
[It takes time and effort to write such analyses. Please consider to support their publication.] The U.S. is now occupying north-east Syria. It wants to blackmail the Syrian government into "regime change". The occupation is unsustainable, its aim is unattainable....
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Google Does Evil

Thu, 2017-11-23 01:02
Up to about 2006 or 2007 Google provided an excellent search engine. It then started to prioritize and present more general results even where one searched for very specific information. It became cumbersome to search for and find details. The...
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Russia In Syria - Military 'Failure' Sets Off Intense Diplomacy

Wed, 2017-11-22 00:52
Western media predicted that the Russian military campaign in Syria would end in `failure`. That - presumably - has been achieved. Now follows a push of diplomatic efforts to settle the war. In September 2015 the "west" prepared for an...
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Fundraiser 2017/II - Please Support This <I>Poor Poet</I>

Tue, 2017-11-21 17:09
A recent BBC Breaking "Exclusive" showed how the U.S. and its proxy forces made a deal with the Islamic State. Under U.S. supervision hundreds of ISIS fighters in Syria were allowed to leave the besieged Raqqa. This site reported the...
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The Saudi System And Why Its Change May Fail

Tue, 2017-11-21 02:33
The Saudi clown prince Mohammad Bin Salman is an impulsive tyrant. But what accounts for the urge to purge the country of any potential competing power center Why does he run a such an activist foreign policy? The answer might...
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Weekly Review And Open Thread 2017-42

Sun, 2017-11-19 21:07
Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama: Nov 13 - Yemen - Having Lost The War Saudis Try Genocide - Media Complicit No progress has been made towards lifting or breaking the total Saudi blockade. There are new rumors of...
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Is Satire "Fakenews"? - How Fact-Checkers Peddle Snake-Oil

Sun, 2017-11-19 01:46
Since the issues of alleged "fake news" and "Russian influence" have cropped up, several media institutions highlight their public fact-checkers. Social media companies hire them to filter "fake news" from their content. Traditional fact-checkers within a newsroom considered the veracity...
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NATO Adds To Turkey's Chagrin

Sat, 2017-11-18 02:22
There has long been speculation about a Turkish good-bye to NATO. The U.S. and its military proxy organization in Europe are doing their best to further such a move: The image of Atatürk was displayed as a target during the...
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Syria Summary: The Idlib Battle Comes Into Sight

Fri, 2017-11-17 00:48
There have been few significant movements during the last weeks. The war on Syria slowly grinds towards its end. The political tussle continues as ever. U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis made a curious announcement of plans he can not fulfill....
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The Non-Coup Coup In Zimbabwe

Wed, 2017-11-15 16:52
Yesterday's coup in Zimbabwe is of global interest. The country is one of the few that have long resisted the colonial "western" attempts to control its mineral and agricultural riches. Such coups are often driven by the CIA or other...
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Revealed - Saudis Plan To Give Up Palestine - For War On Iran

Tue, 2017-11-14 17:42
The tyrants of Saudi Arabia developed a plan that sells away Palestine. They see this as necessary to get U.S. support for their fanatic campaign against their perceived enemy Iran. An internal Saudi memorandum, leaked to the Lebanese paper Al-Akbar,...
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Yemen - Having Lost The War Saudis Try Genocide

Mon, 2017-11-13 21:32
Fakenews: Saudi Arabia ends its blockade of Yemen’s ports and airports - Daily Mail Saudi-led coalition says will reopen Yemen ports - Anadolu Yemeni ports to reopen for aid, says Saudi Arabia - Deutsche Welle ... From the last link:...
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Open Thread 2017-41

Mon, 2017-11-13 03:01
Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama: November 7: Defeated Elsewhere, Saudi Tyrant Declares War On Lebanon The quasi kidnapping of Saad Hariri has been reported in detail by Robert Fisk in The Independent, David Ignatius in the Washington Post...
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Trump Points To Falsehoods In "Russian Hacking" Claims - Media Still Ignore Them

Sun, 2017-11-12 02:00
During the flight of his recent Asia tour U.S. President Donal Trump held a press gaggle on board of the plane. Part of it were questions and answers about the alleged "Russian hacking" of the U.S. election. There is no...
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Saudi Arabia - This "Liberal Reformer" Is An Impulsive Tyrant

Fri, 2017-11-10 22:41
It is becoming more difficult to hide the mess the Saudi clown prince Mohammad bin Salman creates. The propaganda about the "liberal reformer" is too inconsistent with his obviously tyrannical behavior. The clown prince of Saudi Barbaria practically abducted the...
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Priti Patel Fired - Israel Lobby Laments The Loss Of Another British Asset

Thu, 2017-11-09 18:29
A British Minister of Hindu heritage was fired after it emerged that she secretly met Israeli officials in Israel and elsewhere without informing the Foreign Office. Back in Britain she then tried to arrange additional finances for Israel's arming of...
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