Bernie Sanders wants us to Drink the Kool-Aid

Brian Sat, 2017-05-20 13:10
Bernie Sanders: Hates war, but loves "defence" industry jobs

(Achtung! I despise Donald Trump. Maybe even more than you. I've despised him for many, many years, since long before he decided to run for POTUS. This is not a pro-Trump piece. I discuss here what I believe to be the actual situation.)

A couple days ago Bernie Sanders served us a great Big Gulp™ of kool-aid about Trump and Russia.

He uploaded to Youtube a speech calling for a special prosecutor to be appointed to examine possible collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russia, "helping elect Donald Trump president." If true, he said, this would be a serious crime. (Feel free to skip to the bottom of this post to view the vid.)

In this speech, Sanders demonstrated beyond doubt that he's an unrepentant cold warrior, thoroughly tied to Congress's imperialism, American exceptionalism (international law doesn't apply to us), and the military machine. He's also seriously into Russophobia. He's drunk the kool-aid, and he hopes we will. If you want more and more war, less and less peace, go ahead and take a swig.

Also, as I argue below, he's got a personal interest in stoking Russophobia.

Having watched it a couple times, here are my observations.

  • Trump didn't "time and time again praise" Putin. He said, once, that Putin was a good leader, who compared favourably with Obama.
  • Putin is "actively working to undermine democracy in Russia"? You mean by winning elections? See again the US interference in the Russian election of 1996, here.
  • Putin "put Russia under the control of a small group of oligarchs"? Haven't we been told repeatedly that Putin is a tyrant, with tight control over every important decision in Russia, himself? Which is it? I thought the problem with Putin was that he threw some of our favourite oligarchs in jail.
  • Putin has "jailed journalists and political activists"? There's probably some truth to this. But it makes them a bit like, well, us. Ever hear of the Occupy Movement? Dakota Pipline protests? Michael Hastings? Gary Webb? Mind you, Hastings and Webb weren't jailed, they were killed. Like Anna Politkovskaya. You see? Like us.
  • Putin has been trying to "weaken NATO," "weaken the European Union," and "weaken Western alliances"? Would that possibly be because all those actors have been surrounding and threatening to attack Russia? In fact, Putin at one point wanted Russia to join NATO, but it was laughed off by those western "alliances." (BTW, all these alliances could be better described, IMHO, as USA puppets.)
  • The usual nonsense about Bashar al-Assad personally murdering hundreds of thousands of "his own people" in Syria's "devastating civil war," which, you'll recall, is actually a proxy war gifted to the Syrian people by the US, Turkey, NATO, the GCC, and especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
  • "No one now denies that Russia intervened in our 2016 elections in a heavy duty way." WaPo. Lots of sensible people deny it, with good reason, mostly that there's ZERO evidence. What we DO know is that the Podesta e-mails, the only evidence of anything, were leaked to Wikileaks by a DNC insider, not hacked by Russians. If Bernie's looking for those who "intervened" in the election, he should ring up the DNC office.
  • Russia's "clear goal" was to "undermine America's faith in our democracy." Actually, I think the Republican and Democratic parties, the US oligarchy, Citizens United, the militarization of the police, exit polls that don't match the official results, hanging chads, and the 2000 Supreme Court decision to stop counting ballots in Florida have done a much better job of that.
  • If there's an investigation into the nature of Russian intervention in the election, it should be "thorough, independent, [and] non-partisan," indeed. But there's about zero chance of that in the current atmosphere in D.C. Also, why confine it to Russia? How about Israel? There's actual evidence, out in the clear and open, of that. We know that both Republicrat campaigns collude actively and passionately with Israeli leaders all the time. If it's a terrible crime to do it with Russia, why not Israel?
  • The "independence and integrity" of the FBI. Give me strength. The FBI, under James Comey, has spent the last few years radicalizing, supporting, and sending troubled, sometimes mentally-challenged young people off to blow things up, and then arresting them, making us all "safe." See any number of reports on The Intercept, for example, here. The FBI's history is full of "secret police" shenanigans. Bernie should blush when he says this nonsense. The FBI director must be "loyal to the law" and to the American people. Ever heard of COINTELPRO? Fred Hampton?
  • Trump leaked important secret information to the ... OMG!! ... Russians! Actually, the only way anyone else found out about it is because some cretin leaked it to the Washington Post, and the WaPoids printed it. See here: here.
  • "In a very dangerous world, America relies on..." In fact, this kind of information-sharing is a key element of American imperialism, making the world more and more dangerous.
  • "This type of information sharing is the cornerstone of our efforts to track and destroy terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda." Track and destroy, eh? Is that what we're doing? Is that why the new name of the al-Qaeda group in Syria has not been added to the terrorist watchlist? (See here.) Why the US-led coalition against ISIS keeps supporting ISIS? Helping ISIS leaders escape Mosul and busing them to Syria? Attacking the Syrian army at Deir es-Zour so ISIS could overrun their base? That kind of "destruction"?
  • "We need to do [appoint a special prosecutor] in a bi-partisan matter. Yeah, right, as if that were possible. At the beginning of his speech, Sanders said there was "no debate" that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.
  • "The Democrats cannot take political advantage of this moment and the Republicans cannot simply defend the President." Sanders of course knows that Trump is not really a Republican. I'm guessing big money's being thrown on the table in a lottery to pick the date when Republican congresspeople, slithering snakes that they are, abandon ship. I wouldn't be surprised if Sanders places a bet.

In fact, Bernie's spouting anti-Russia nonsense here. We know that for a fact. Why? Because we know where the Podesta and DNC e-mails came from. Persons associated with Wikileaks confirm that they were delivered personally to him by people with legal access to them, including a DNC inside—you know, Americans. They were leaked, not hacked. See here, here, and here.

Here's Craig Murray:

You have also to remember that there’s a big financial interest – particularly in the armaments industry – in a bad American relationship with Russia and the worse the relationship with Russia is the larger contracts the armaments industry can expect especially in the most high-tech high-profit side of fighter jets and missiles and that kind of thing.

And Trump has actually already indicated he’s looking to make savings on the defense budget particularly in things like fighter [jet] projects. So, there are people standing to lose billions of dollars and anybody who thinks in that situation bad things don’t happen to people is very naïve.

But, hey, wait a minute! Hasn't Sanders been criticized in the past for his strenuous efforts to make sure Vermont got some of the dosh from modern fighter aircraft contracts? Why, yes, he has! See here.

It's all WaPo, and Bernie's up to his neck in it, part of the swamp.

Bernie Sanders On Investigating Trump's Russian Connection