Charleston: We DO Love our (White) Killers, don't we?

Brian Sun, 2015-06-21 19:08

Dylann thought this, Dylann thought that, Dylann's "manifesto." Dylann opening Christmas presents. Jesus Murphy.

Why do we obsess over our white killers so? We don't obsess like this over the Black ones, do we? (Well, maybe O.J.)

Many in the mainstream news media are happy to refer to the little thug who killed nine African-Americans in Charleston with his "full" name: Dylann Storm Roof.

"Storm," as in "storm-trooper." Me, I'd never do that. "Storm" is an obvious hobby name, one that he made up for social media to make himself more Nazi-valiant, more graphic-novel superhero. You use it, you buy in to the fantasy. You promote the fantasy for the little demon. When jimps (journalist impersonators) call him "Storm," it's like they're giving him free media. Like his celebrity publicity agent would want them to do. Like he would want them to do.

Don't enter his world. Call him Dylann Roof, you spit in his face. You spit on his fantasies.You don't give him the kind of attention he's after.

And if he added the second 'n' to Dylan to make his name look more German, well, you drop that, too.

But journalists do this kind of thing all the time. They don't refer to the "2014 Gaza massacre." Oh, no. It's "Operation Protective Edge." Top Israeli leaders undoubtedly spend months obsessing over what they're going to call it the next time they "mow" Gaza's "lawn," and they're rewarded, every time. It seems like the media don't know what to call the latest outrage unless the IDF gives them a name. Notice it's never called "Operation Murderous Assault," or "Operation Kill them All over the Latest Flimsy Excuse What was it Again."

They all buy in to the IDF's key messages. Every time. "Operation Protective Edge" is one sign they're buyin'.

I'm saying, The killers are selling us something—don't buy.


(While drafting this, I embarrassed myself when I was looking up the "operation" name for the assault on Gaza, which I couldn't remember. I went to Wikipedia, and started to type, "operation." Sheesh.)