August Massacre at Douma, Syria: More "Rebel" BS?

Brian Sat, 2015-09-19 19:26
Photo all over Twitter on 16 August; were they dead before the explosions?

By now, the "rebels" in Syria, and their enablers, such as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (sic) and Human Rights Watch (NATO, inc) have established for themselves such a record of lies and BS that I simply don't believe anything they say. This is unfortunate, because it's entirely possible that from time to time they DO tell the truth, when it's in their interest.

The massacre at al-Houla; the "chemical attack" in East Ghouta, Damascus; the massacre at Deraa; and many others follow similar scripts. The "rebels" kill a bunch of people, line them up and take photos, release some videos, tell us Assad did it, and call for foreign intervention. Then the western media produce report after report based on the statements, photos, and videos, and call for more intervention. Western "leaders," whose "legitimacy" is almost never called into question, but who are at the ROOT of the conflict in Syria, are outraged, something must be done, harrumph harrumph harrumph. If you follow these things, it's getting pretty tiresome. It's ESPECIALLY tiresome that the same nonsense is believed, again and again, on the basis of little real evidence other than the "rebels'" say-so.

Here's a guy who's done a great deal of work on the August 16th attack in Douma, where supposedly a Syrian jet attacked markets, killing more than 100 "civilians." Closer inspection of the evidence trails reveals many of the same kinds of inconsistencies as were found in the previous cases. How many missile attacks do you think kill almost all adult men? In a market? Very interesting reading, if a tad gruesome. I can't say conclusively that he's right, but, as I said above, I don't believe the "rebels," almost ever.

(A note on Human Rights Watch (NATO, Inc), at least the wing HQ'd in Washington, DC with one Kenneth Roth at the helm. I believe NOTHING he says. I heard him interviewed in I think 2013 where he claimed everyone who had died in Syria was a civilian. Someone in his position HAS to know he's lying. Earlier this year he tweeted a photo of the damage in Gaza claiming it was in Aleppo. Ideologue, not human rights champion.)

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