Israel, Palestine, Terror

Brian Thu, 2016-01-28 11:21
Palestinian NON-terrorist killed in cold blood, Jerusalem

To assist in understanding what's going on when reading about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank/Jerusalem, and the acts of genocide that are taking place there, I offer the following:

"Terrorism" is a strategy of committing acts to provoke terror in the general population so as to create pressure to effect political change.

  • A Palestinian teenager (or other) who attacks a soldier at an occupation "checkpoint," using a knife or any other weapon, in an attempt to injure or kill that soldier, is not a "terrorist," by any stretch of the imagination. Attacking soldiers of an occupying force is not "terrorism," it's resistance.

  • A Palestinian teenager (or other) who attacks a "settler" (squatter) on Palestinian land, as recognized internationally, is not a "terrorist." "Settlers" are not civilians in the usual sense, they're the front line of the genocide, especially given their actions over the years. Even if they're terrified, attacking them is not "terrorism." At worst it's "revenge," but more to the point it is, again, resistance.

  • An Israeli soldier at an occupation checkpoint who shoots a Palestinian teenager (or other), then plants a knife near her/his body, and prevents emergency personnel from helping her/him till s/he bleeds to death, is clearly a terrorist

  • A Prime Minister or other "leader" who constantly evokes the spectre of "terrorism" attributed to an oppressed population, so that her/his citizens will accept ever-increasing levels of violence against that population, IS a "terrorist."

You're welcome.