Anti-war Movement Needed NOW!

Brian Sat, 2016-10-22 19:47
Vote for Jill Stein, please, and anti-war movement needed NOW!

Wait for it!

Absolutely the worst thing, in my opinion, that can happen in the POTUS election currently taking up way too much space, volume, and megabytes, is if Shillary were to win in a landslide.

We should all know what's going to happen if the butcher of Libya wins a major victory.

I've been trying, in my own small way, to warn my fellow leftists that this is not our battle, largely to no avail. As soon as Hillary Clinton wins the POTUS election, our Facebook walls will light up with celebratory comments, graphics, memes, BS, etc, exulting that: We've won! We've dumped Trump! We're saved!

Instantly forgotten in the celebrations will be that we'll be celebrating the election of someone who is clearly (for some) the lesser of two evils, not someone we wanted, but someone we had to vote for to escape someone else.

Meanwhile, depending on the scale of the landslide, Clinton will consider herself to have received the biggest mandate in living memory, and she'll be right. She'll be able to do exactly as she pleases. No more the drunken tacking to the left to court the Sandernistas, and to the right to entice dissatisfied Republicans. It'll be her way or the highway. And, unless you've got your head buried in a cloud of ganja, you ought to know what that will be. It'll be what her sponsors want her to do, what they've set her up to do. (More bombs! Huzzah!)

Instantly forgotten will be:

  • Of the four candidates, she was the one who stole her party's nomination, rigging several votes, damaging beyond repair what was left of the democracy casino. Despite that, she will have won over the three that did not.

  • Of the four, she was the candidate who was certain to start more wars. She said so repeatedly. She bragged about it. Obama was at least smart enough to avoid war with an armed-to-the-teeth nuclear power. How nuclear annihilation is going to address women's rights, LGBTQ rights, African-American rights, or climate change, among other things, is beyond me.
    (My mistake: in a sense, it will—they won't matter at all any more.)

  • Let's see now. Fracking? Climate? Fracking? Climate? Which one do you think it will be?

  • The Clinton Foundation(s). Need I say more? A cesspool of corruption.

  • Of the two of them, Clinton has done more damage to women's place in society than Drumpf has. She helped eviscerate welfare when she was Bill Clinton's accomplice, getting all the "deadbeats," as she called them, off the rolls and into soul-destroying jobs and poverty. Especially black and Latina ones. Of course, her foreign policy record is one of starving, maiming, and killing women and their children in any country that the US attacks.

  • Of the two of them, Clinton was the candidate of the one per cent. Trump's just rich; he's not exactly in the club, if he ever was. It's the Sanders and Trump candidacies that have made this interminable sideshow interesting. Both were manifestations of working people's disgust with the powers-that-be, the hollowing out of the "middle class," and the certain, if often misdirected, knowledge that whoever gets in from the current crowd of self-dealers, we'll all be getting screwed. I am pretty embarrassed that the left was so easily hornswoggled by Clinton's crude identity politicking (and Trump's crude identity-bashing) into supporting business as usual.

  • The Clinton presidency/first ladyship was a disaster for African-Americans as well. Her grace was involved in the criminalization and re-enslavement of great multitudes of the African-American population, as well as throwing them into privatized prisons. Not a record of which I'd want to see a second installment. (Remember, she's told us Bill will be her economic czar. The mind boggles.)

  • Lurking in the background, just waiting to spring on us, is the coming economic collapse, the younger, nastier sibling of the 2008 one. Its arrival at some point is certain; Obama's bailing out of the fraudsters that dominate Wall Street and corporate banking have shielded them from any nasty regulations that might limit their behaviour. As well, it's all but certain that whatever damage they cause, taxpayers will pick the tab. Clinton will, of course, continue the tradition.

As usual, foreign policy has taken a back seat to just about everything else in the election. Many are livid that a known harasser/assaulter/racist might get his hands on the White House keys. So, for the protection of unknown women and racialized individuals of the future, Americans are ready to throw untold numbers of Palestinian, Syrian, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, and who knows what other women and children right under the bus. (Er, just like they threw Serbian, Iraqi, Libyan, Afghan, etc women and children in the past.) Who cares? That Trump's a real prick!

As I've been saying since the start of this absurd charade, the left's job is to prepare for the next 4-8 years, not to demonize either of the Republicrat candidates over the other. Our job is to get ready for the what will obviously be a horrendous aftermath. Getting Jill Stein over the five per cent threshhold for federal funding wouldn't change the immediate situation very much, but it would be excellent preparation for the next 50-200 years. Unfortunately, perhaps, it takes farsightedness.

If there's a peace movement out there, it's time to get up and howl. If there is not, it's time to get working on one. There isn't much time.