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Happy belated Pesach to the World Jewish Congress!

Kiss my Irish arse!

Oy vey!

One of the US's first female Muslim Congressional representatives, Rashida Tlaib of Detroit, sent a Pesach (Passover) greeting to all those celebrating that festival, but—O! My God!—it had the wrong kind of bread in it!

Can you imagine the perfidy! How dare she?

So I formulated my own belated Pesach greeting to all those who would stoop to such a puerile complaint, and Facebook banned it!

Accompanied by the photo above, quote:

* * * * *

To the World Jewish Congress, the Labour Friends of Israel (UK), any Canadian Jewish Zionists, and any other nincompoop that complained about Rashida Tlaib's attempt to wish celebrants a happy Passover (Pesach), Happy Belated Pesach!

I couldn't find any clipart with unleavened bread to demonstrate my ignorance of the Torah, so I hope this will do.

* * * * *

Facebook kindly explained that their "community values" won't allow:

  • "nudity displaying genitals"
  • "displaying sexual activity"
  • "sexually explicit language," or
  • "showing female nipples," unless they're breast-feeding or a few other exceptions.

Facebook does not allow you to send them a message that your post does not do any of that. They'll look at it themselves, thank you very much.

Rep. Tlaib's horrible insult is below.


Happy Passover from Rashida Tlaib--Aaaacccckkk! The bread!!!!!!!

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