Trump vs Clinton: What's important? (Besides everything)

Brian Fri, 2016-10-14 17:50
Go ahead! Choose!! Think fast!!!

Here's a moral compass-testing exercise.

Here are some questions abouth the Clinton vs Trump election. Please rank the following in terms of their importance (nb. Almost all of them are really, really important):

  1. Trump is a disgusting, sexist, violent serial assaulter.

  2. In debates with HRC, Trump has a disturbing way of expressing male power.

  3. Trump has insulted women, latinos, African-Americans, migrants, refugees, Muslims, journalists, microphones, CNN (as if they don't deserve it), John McCain (correctly, IMHO), the immigrant parents of a soldier who died while killing Iraqis, and many more.

  4. Trump will undoubtedly give more power to police to continue to rampage in America's poorest, in many cases blackest, communities.

  5. Hillary Clinton has destroyed countries, and has promised to destroy more ("I will confront Russia and China"), to the point that a vote for her is almost certainly a vote for nuclear war.

If you don't think #5 is the most important by a fair margin, well, I'm not there with you.

Notice that #s1-4 are dangerous for America and Americans, while #5 is dangerous for the world, indeed all of humanity. Hillary's like climate change, only faster. I'm sure a lot of people who, like me, live outside the USA would appreciate it if the destructive practices of the USA only harmed Americans, and not those ineligible to vote.

Note that I don't want any Americans to be harmed, either. Many, many people will be harmed if either of these two troglodytes are in the White House. We're talking about the distinctions that must be made when choosing between a disaster and a catastrophe. These are hard choices. A lot of people will be hurt, no matter what choice is made.

Vote Green. Jill Stein is by far the best candidate running in this vastly important election.

You're welcome.