To Challenge "Anti-semitism" Fanatics

Brian Thu, 2019-07-11 11:24
Thief stealing the words "Semite," "Semitic," and "anti-semitism"

In light of the current maelstrom in the U.K. over the complete falsehoods about "anti-semitism" in the Labour Party, just for fun I think there ought to be a contest. The challenge would be to come up with a statement that is not at all anti-semitic (or, more properly, Judeophobic), but will have the anti-semitism wahhabists' knickers in such a twist they can barely sneer properly as they write their letters of complaint.

Here's my entry:

There's hardly any comparison between Zionism and Nazism. For instance, European Zionists, who are not semites, stole the word 'anti-semitism' much more thoroughly than Nazis managed to steal the word 'socialist.'



, July 9, 2019

, July 9, 2019 — In an absolutely astonishing, new level of hypocrisy, the U.K.'s Board of Deputies of British Jews complained to the Guardian (GCHQ, Inc) about a letter signed by 100 Jews, claiming it to be "anti-semitic," (or, more properly, Judeophobic). This should put to rest for all time the theme that the anti-Corbyn crowd has anything to do with "anti-semitism."