Some child victims we care about, some we don't

Brian Tue, 2016-09-20 13:51
Kids on the left: Poor darlings! Kids on the right: Meh.

(Warning: Some sarcasm involved)

Some child victims we care about, some we don't. An injury to a child caused by someone we don't like, we beat our breasts and tear our hair out. An injury to a child caused by someone we do like, well, shit happens.

Top left, you'll undoubtedly recognize little Omran Daqneesh, injured in a "Russian or Syrian" airstrike, and nobody ever figured out, or cared, what party dropped the bomb. (Hint: There wasn't one.) Little Omran was photographed by the "White Helmets," a group of PR campaigners embedded in Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate. The "White Helmets" are dearly loved in the "West," are seriously funded by the "West," and have amazing contacts in the Western LameStream media. If you've managed not to see a photo of Omran, you'd be quite unusual. Omran, despite being alive, which makes him luckier than a lot of Syrian kids, is a victim we care about. A "worthy" victim.

Bottom left, little Aydan al-Kurdi, drowned and washed up on a beach in Turkey, the rickety boat his family was in having capsized on its way to Europe. Despite that Aylan's family had been kicked out of their refugee camp by the Turkish authorities and sent on their way, in perhaps one of the most cynical efforts to capitalize on the victimhood of refugees of all time, we know Aylan was a victim of Assad. Little Aylan was dead, bien sur, but useful. A "worthy" victim. We care.

Bottom right, Abdullah Issa, 10 to 12 years old, depending on which report you're reading, but clearly a child. Abdullah was captured by some friends of ours, those stalwart, freedom-loving head-choppers of Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki. Despite that these monsters beheaded, in public, a child, we're still supporting the Zinksters as they serve as cannon fodder for the Turkish invasion of northern Syria. Little Abdullah? Not a worthy victim. Yawn.

Top right, seven-year-old Haider Ammar Al Hamoud. Haider lives in the village of Foua, in northwestern Syria. You may not have heard of Foua, because we don't give a shit about that place. Why? Because we're all upset about Madaya. Mind you, both towns are under siege, Madaya by the Syrian armed forces, and Foua by our friends Ahrar al-Sham, who those dastardly Russians keep trying to categorize a terrorist group. We, in our good sense, keeping in mind our objective to get rid of Assad so we can have the natural gas pipelines that are more in our own billionaires' interest, have blocked any effort to put Ahrar al-Sham head-choppers on the head-choppers list.

Haider was shot by an Ahrar al-Sham sniper. A seven-year-old! In our own countries, of course, we'd think shooting a seven-year-old child to be pretty outrageous. But it's Syria, where that bastard Assad is "killing his own people" just to prevent us from having the pipelines we want.

Sorry, Haider. You're not a worthy victim.

(Credit, of course, to Noam Chomsky for the term 'worthy victim.')