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Chrystia Freeland, Canada's "Liberal" Nazi Fetishist

Cdn Foreign Policy Minister Chrystia Freeland, photoshopped into Jair Balsonaro rally
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(Chrystia Freeland, Canada's "Liberal" Minister of Foreign Affairs and Azov Battalion groupie, grand-daughter of a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator, recognizes Juan Gladio, appointed by Donald Trump, as "President" of Venezuela. "Dido" is 'grandpa' in Ukrainian. The man is, of course, Brazil's new Nazi president, Jair Balsonaro, about whom we know a lot more than Mr Gladio. Oops! Did I say Gladio? I meant, of course, Juan Guaidó. I've taken to referring to him as Juan Guano. 'Guano' is Latin American Spanish for the poop of certain seabirds, very valuable for fertilizer.)

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