Cologne: What more do we need to know?

Brian Fri, 2016-01-08 23:06

Here are some questions I think we should be asking ourselves about the attacks in Cologne.

  1. There are many reports from police and victims that the mob(s) appeared to be "organized." Well, then, the obvious question is: organized by whom? If we ever find out the answer, it'll be someone or some group that stood to benefit from it.

  2. So who could possibly benefit from this? Syrian refugees? Does it make any sense that a bunch of Syrian/other refugees, having survived an arduous journey and finally managed to get to a country known for its generosity to refugees, suddenly start organizing attacks against German women? Doesn't it make you just a tad skeptical that here we have a large group of alleged Muslims acting exactly the way our most bigoted, racist Islamophobes have been saying they will? Even worse?

  3. Were the CCTV cameras in the square all not working? If someone was organizing this rabble, it shouldn't be so hard for hot-shot anti-terrorist cops to review the footage and single them out. Remember that in many, many incidents of terrorism the instigators are already known to the "intelligence" community.

  4. Why Cologne? There are refugees/migrants all over Europe. If this was a spontaneous (but "coordinated") gathering of migrants/ingrates gathering to attack and rob women, why would it only have happened in Cologne? (Most of the reports of the rape "epidemic" I've seen are of migrants raping other migrants.)

  5. On the one hand, the cops say the "migrants" were so unruly they couldn't be arrested, only dispersed. On the other, I've read that police station cells were full (can't find it now, read it on mobile). Which was it? Why were the police unable to deal with ~1000 men throwing rocks and fireworks? In this instance, they don't seem to have had much of a problem with 4000.

  6. Anti-immigrant, neo-Nazis in Cologne? Just so happens.

I didn't jump on the pro-refugee bandwagon, largely because I smelled a rat, a Turkish one (Erdogan). I think we're being zoomed. This has all the hallmarks of a nifty anti-refugee PR campaign. I'm not buying it. See question #1.

The scene: See any Syrians? North Africans? How could you tell?