Support the fabulously wealthy! Help destroy democracy!

Brian Wed, 2019-09-04 04:05
Washington Post: Democracy dies in darkness—That's why we spread so much of it!

A one-time opportunity!

Support the Oligarchy, the CIA, and the nation's biggest, most entitled U.S. billionaire with one t-shirt!! Show the world your unquestioning loyalty to the wealthy and powerful.

Fabulous offer! Only $45. ($30 if you don't mind your taxes being audited, unlike Jeff Bezos's.)

Maybe I ought to go into t-shirt design ... Nah, my slogans are always too long.


P.S. One of my (best) critics suggested to me that the Koch brothers were just as oligarchical, and even better exemplars of environment-despoliation, than Mr Bezos. Fair enough, I thought. See photo below.

T-shirt: Things go better with Koch (with oil despoliation of somewhere)