Wear your Indifference with Pride!

Brian Tue, 2019-10-29 11:58
"Don't tell me" button

Aren't you getting sick to death of Assange this and Assange that? Don't you wish guys like him would stop trying to tell us stuff?

Well, it's never too early to start thinking of clever Christmas stocking stuffers, and here's the perfect expression of many Americans' complete indifference to war crimes committed against other countries' people.

Hell, what's it to you if an American helicopter gunner blew apart a group of guys standing around on a corner? So what if two of them were employed by Reuters. If they'd wanted to live longer, maybe they should have been in their offices tapping out CIA talking points like so many others! You know, safe.

Where's the "need to know"?

Thanks to your good taste, you and your loved ones can wear their don't-give-a-shit attitudes proudly, with just a button on their lapels/tunics. Paired with our "Journalism, Shmournalism" button, they'll be making quite the statement, entirely in line with the kind of obedience expected of today's patriot.

Not a Christian? Not a problem! You can give them away any time you want!