Canada's dismal record on child and elder care leaves little room for national pride

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 09:09
Ed Finn
Image: Rod Long/Unsplash

The extent to which services for seniors in many of Canada's long-term care homes are terribly delinquent was starkly exposed by COVID-19. In April, the people killed by the coronavirus were residents of such lodgings, especially those that are privately owned.

The abominable conditions in which they were abused -- deprived of adequate food, bullied, drugged and in some cases left for days in soiled bedding -- were exposed by soldiers who were called to the homes to supplement ill-trained, burned-out, underpaid and overworked staff.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and other provincial leaders have pledged to move quickly to overhaul and improve conditions in these homes. But, since that would entail converting them from profit-obsessed private to public facilities, such reforms are highly unlikely.