Grenfell Report Phase 1 Seeks to Blame the Firefighters

Murray, Craig
Pub Date: 
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 19:11

One simple fact cannot be hidden. The firefighters did not cause the fire. Phase 1 of Judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick&;s report of the public inquiry into the Grenfell disaster has been released to relatives prior to publication tomorrow. , it concentrates blame on the firefighters in charge of tackling the blaze. This is an entirely predictable Establishment ploy; blame the little people.

I do not doubt mistakes were made by the firefighters; there will always be well-intentioned errors by those trying to cope with such a terrible crisis. Moore-Bick may be correct in his identification of them. Adherence to the established &;stay in your flat&; doctrine was disastrously wrong in these circumstances. But the firefighters were not the reason the fire started and spread so quickly. The primary reason was inadequate regulation of the burgeoning fashion for cladding old buildings, and inadequate enforcement of such regulation as was in place.