Indigenous leaders finish meeting with province to divvy up percentage of $2.9B gambling cash

APTN News (Canada)
Pub Date: 
Friday, November 8, 2019 - 06:45

Tina House
Indigenous leaders from across B.C. have wrapped up their meeting with the provincial cabinet.

One of the issues on the table is a program that divvies up seven per cent of the $2.9 billion gaming revenue the province takes in every year.

Michael Bonshor works with the B.C. First Nation Gaming Revenue Share Partnership.

“Just this past month and just last week we&;ve provided over $77 million to B.C. First Nations,” says Bonshor.

The two year agreement will soon be a 25 year agreement with $100 million annually shared with First Nations.

It has taken more than 30 years to get the deal signed, making BC the last Province in Canada to do so.

So far 162 out of the 203 First Nations in B.C. have signed up for the fund, including Kukpi7 Wayne Christian of the Splatsin First Nation who attended the cabinet meeting.