Rustam Aliev

Murray, Craig
Pub Date: 
Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 21:45

UPDATE Nadira has decided, with great sadness, not to travel to Uzbekistan, having received information that it is not safe to do so. Not being able to attend your own parent&;s funeral is heartrending. She has however been to the mosque and discussed charitable work she might undertake in her father&;s name.

I also received a reply from the FCO to my request for assistance, which is unhelpful and raises some interesting questions. Nadira&;s only &;crime&; has been to leave Uzbekistan without permission. The Uzbek law in this regard is a hangover from the old Soviet Union exit visa regime, and it is something which the UK historically regarded as in itself a breach of fundamental human rights. Those of my generation will recall the line &;we never had to lock our people in&;. The FCO appears fine with this now in Uzbekistan, and it is yet another startling reminder that Western government&;s interest in human rights depends entirely on who is breaching them.