Bartlett, Eva Karene

2020 Oct 16 - 5:10pm
The British state-funded BBC, which has a history of perverted war  propaganda against the people of Syria, a history of whitewashing the  crimes of terrorists in Syria, a history of flat out lying about events  in Syria, has decided to launch another smear against myself, Vanessa Beeley, researchers of the Working Group on Syria, a former ambassador to Syria, and others. This is not just another character assassination,...
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2020 Jul 29 - 3:45pm
*(All photos taken from the Facebook page “Asma al Assad – Syria’s First Lady“) I had been sitting in a small entrance room for what seemed less than a minute when the door opened and Syria’s first lady, Her Excellency Asma al-Assad, greeted me with a warm smile, welcoming me inside a slightly larger sitting room. In official meetings I had had over the years in Syria, I was accustomed to a secretary or assistant...
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2020 Jul 18 - 2:16am
July 13, 2020, -Eva K Bartlett The US is waging multiple fronts of war against Syria, including brutal sanctions, while claiming concern over the well-being of Syrian civilians – the vast majority of whom are suffering as a direct result of US policies. On June 17, the US implemented the Caesar Act, America’s latest round of draconian sanctions against the Syrian people, to “protect” them, America claims. This, after years of...
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2020 Jul 3 - 11:28pm
Robert Inlakesh is a Documentary Filmmaker, Journalist, and Middle-East  Analyst I recently spoke with him on his visits to Occupied Palestine and in  particular his two-part documentary, “Steal Of The Century’: Trump’s  Palestine-Israel Catastrophe” , the first part of which he released on  June 5. Watch part 1 Twitter: @falasteen47 Facebook/Youtube: Robert Inlakesh Robert’s Patreon  
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2020 Jun 22 - 2:08pm
As Syria struggles to recover from over a decade of US-imposed conflict, it faces a new deadly threat in the form of sweeping sanctions under the Caesar Act. by Eva Bartlett, June 19th, 2020, Mint Press News Wounded Syrian soldiers, Talib Mu’alla (left) & Inad Ahmed (right) Talib Mu’alla served as a soldier in the Syrian Arab Army before he was wounded in Aleppo in 2014. As he described the multiple shots he took to his body, I...
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2020 May 21 - 1:00pm
May 21, 2020, -by Eva K Bartlett America’s meddling in Venezuela has no boundaries. After a failed coup attempt, trying to install a bogus president, and imposing crippling sanctions, will it ever be held to account? Venezuela is back in the news again, just weeks after yet another failed coup attempt that was almost certainly backed by the US. This time, it’s the American sanctions against the country that are making the headlines...
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2020 May 16 - 2:28pm
SANA, May 14:   “Through a security operation, that was launched in cooperation with Syrian citizens in al-Badyah (Syrian semi-desert), an ambush has targeted a group from Daesh terrorist organization, including 6 persons.   The security operation ended up with killing three of the groups and arresting the three others.   …The three terrorists, in a program broadcast on the Syrian TV on Thursday, confessed to...
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2020 May 9 - 7:00pm
Compilation of scenes around Damascus on my daily walks, where an air of normality continues to prevail.   Previous videos and related posts:   -Damascus walks, April 26-28, Stores Re-Opened, Life in Streets   -Syrian: “If we didn’t complete & love each other we wouldn’t have survived this crisis”   -Syrian...
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2020 May 1 - 4:49pm
During my hours-long daily walks all around Damascus, I’ve been delighted to note (as always) the calm and people interacting as normal on the streets, but also the re-opening of stores. That started over a week ago, with shops (non-essential) re-opening on alternate days. As of some days ago, they are allowed to open daily till 5 pm. The government continues to find ways to both take precautions and help people survive economically. For...
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2020 May 1 - 2:44pm
After seeing a pathetic propaganda piece on life in Syria during Covid, shared by a Beirut-based representative for the Canadian regime…I decided to both address the shoddy article and add my own thoughts on life in Syria nowadays. Basically, the piece claims people are cowering in fear and under lockdown here (we/they are not, there’s a partial curfew, people still on the street, in markets, etc), claims the government denies any...
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2020 Apr 26 - 12:56am
  Scenes from April 21, walking through old Damascus, where shops have re-opened partially and where calm and humanity prevail The government has been taking precautions but not being draconian  about it. Curfew from 6 pm-6am has changed to from 7:30 pm during Ramadan. Shops  open varying days to allow each sector to open and earn a living (and  allow people the means to get goods they need other than groceries &  pharmaceuticals...
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2020 Apr 22 - 12:52am
Since there is a lot of excellent content out there on Covid-19, I won’t attempt to replicate it myself, but will instead share what I’ve found to be informative and imperative information. I know that the issue is divisive, however, I offer these links with no agenda other than concern for all of our futures, and find it beyond surreal that some refuse point-blank to consider narratives than those offered by our benevolent...
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