Bartlett, Eva Karene

2019 Nov 12 - 7:02am
Nov 11, 2019, by Eva K Bartlett Evo Morales, an indigenous leader who bucked the IMF and condemned US imperialism, has been pressured by the military to resign after winning an election. Yet Washington calls this blatant coup in Bolivia a victory for democracy? Morales was re-elected as Bolivia’s president on October 20. The coup-backing Organization of American States (OAS) wasn’t pleased and went ahead interfering in a...
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2019 Nov 2 - 6:55pm
Mint Press News: Eva Bartlett sat down with recently released Ukrainian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky. Vyshinsky endured 15 months of appalling conditions in a Ukrainian prison after being falsely accused of treason. WATCH the interview HERE   Oct 28, 2019, Mint Press News In November 2018, I became aware of the case of Kirill Vyshinsky, a Ukrainian-Russian journalist and editor imprisoned in Ukraine without trial since May 2018, accused of...
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2019 Oct 28 - 12:35am
Walking with a friend, Lulwa, through what was a khan (inn) in the past, now an area for traditional and new crafts. She makes the apt point: were Damascus under the rule of what the west called “rebels”, al-Qaeda and co-terrorists, none of this would be possible. This is the Syrian culture that existed prior to the war on Syria, and the culture that continues to exist, in spite of everything the West and Gulf/Israeli/Turkish allies...
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2019 Oct 22 - 5:02am
    A morning drive and walk through Damascus with my friend Lulwa, from the Old City to Midan to the artisan area, Tikkiyeh, near the National Museum. We discuss Canada’s obscene preventing of Waseem Ramli from taking his post as honourary consul. [Support Waseem] Lulwa talks about how Canada’s (shameful) closure of Syrian embassies/consulates years ago affect Syrian Canadians in a variety of ways, as well as prevented...
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2019 Oct 21 - 1:22pm
While walking in old Damascus yesterday, a boy wanted to practise his English with me. He was so charming I asked if I could film he and his friends. His words, and his friend’s song burst, were spontaneous. Something for viewers to keep in mind: these kids, age 12, lived under terrorist mortars for years. Precisely this area of Damascus, where we met, was heavily targeted over the years. Yet, look at the love and hope they retain! *...
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2019 Oct 19 - 2:42am
Finally made it to Qasioun mountain, a fantastic view of Damascus. Looking down on the city, I remembered the intense terrorist shelling with mortars and missiles. In my visits in 2014, 2015, 2016 (and 17, 18, but the earlier years were, generally, more hard-hit), this mortar terrorism was very vivid, I have many accounts and memories of it. To look down on a city at peace, relieved of the terrorism Western nations and their Gulf allies (not...
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2019 Oct 18 - 4:10pm
Walking along the Straight Street in Old Damascus last night, Laith Marouf speaks on Damascus’ ancient history, abundant everywhere one looks–even the “stones” people are sitting on. But also, do listen from ~3:00 when we reach the martyrs garden that (quoting Laith): “commemorates the genocide of the Syriac Canaanites by the Kurdish militias under the order of the Ottoman Turks, in what is now part of Turkey but...
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2019 Oct 17 - 5:43pm
DPR Peoples Militia Platoon Commander Ryka.  Photo | Eva Bartlett October 16, 2019, Mint Press News On September 2, I left the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don via minibus heading northwest to the border of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and on into Donetsk. For my first few days there, I rented an inexpensive apartment in the heart of the city. Walking on a long tree-lined and cafe-filled pedestrian walkway, life seemed normal. But I...
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2019 Oct 17 - 1:00am
In Damascus, I have an informal conversation with geopolitical analyst and media policy and law consultant, Laith Marouf, about recent events in Syria. Laith addresses issues related to Kurds in Syria here, but for a really detailed breakdown, listen to this interview we did:
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2019 Oct 15 - 10:41pm
Some of my travels in Crimea this August, where everyone I spoke with supported the 2014 referendum to join Russia, or as they said: return to Russia. Beautiful peninsula, visit if you can! My article on traveling around Crimea, and what the people I was meeting had to say on life pre & post referendum was published at Mint Press News. With additional photos on my blog.
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