Johnstone, Caitlin

2019 Oct 15 - 7:47am
Due to a very painful and disturbing revelation in my personal life I have had the unfortunate occasion to spend the last several days thinking a lot about psychopaths and what makes them tick. I don’t want to get into the hairy details at this time, but I would like to share some of the more general thoughts that have been coming up here on the matter.It is interesting that psychopathy should have reached a dark tentacle into my life in...
Tags: government, plutocracy, psychopaths, psychopathy
2019 Oct 8 - 8:49am
Hi all, just wanted to let folks on my mailing list know I’m taking a few days off but I’ll be back before long. Something bizarre and deeply disturbing has happened with my husband’s family and we’re both still reeling from it, so our whole delicate thing’s been thrown through a loop and our creativity’s gone into hibernation while we process stuff. I know if I try to write something now it will be very sub-...
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2019 Oct 3 - 9:20am
“I guess maybe Bernie Sanders shouldn’t exist,” said billionaire Steve Schwarzman while seated in a library building named after billionaire Steve Schwarzman and promoting a book with billionaire Steve Schwarzman’s face on it.According to Bloomberg this humble response from the always modest billionaire Steve Schwarzman came in response to a question posed by an audience member about a Sanders tweet in which the Vermont Senator said that...
Tags: Bernie Sanders, billionaires, economic justice, Ken Langone