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2020 Nov 30 - 4:08pm
 Increasing strains between Pakistan and its traditional Arab allies, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, is about more than Gulf states opportunistically targeting India’s far more lucrative market. At the heart of the tensions, that potentially complicate Pakistan’s economic recovery, is also India’s ability to enhance Gulf states’ capacity to hedge their bets amid uncertainty about the continued US[Read More...] The post The Muslim...
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2020 Nov 30 - 4:00pm
On his first visit to Jamshedpur in 1925, Mahatma Gandhi did something that was unthinkable to large sections of the workers of Tisco. Not only did Gandhi agree to attend a grand reception arranged for him by the Tatas, he even accepted a steel casket containing a purse. What angered and saddened the workers the most was that Gandhi should[Read More...] The post Big Capital & Political Class – A Hoary Collaboration appeared first on...
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2020 Nov 30 - 2:20pm
A novelette by Bharat Dogra How different will be the world 50 years from now? If the tendencies of domination and exploitation which are a major cause of distress even today get aggravated greatly in the future conditions of escalating climate change and other serious threats, how will life shape up then, and where will humanity then search for hope?[Read More...] The post A Day in 2071 – Chapter 2- Conflict appeared first on...
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2020 Nov 30 - 2:07pm
One million animal and plant species face extinction due to human activity, according to the United Nations. Now, think about cultural production—art and literature that we have invested to address the extinction of just a handful of species (passenger pigeon included). Quite a bit actually. The extinction of one million species feels rather abstract, beyond the comprehension of human cultural[Read More...] The post Protecting Indigenous...
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2020 Nov 30 - 1:50pm
Making political sense of the world can be tricky unless one understands the role of the state in capitalist societies. The state is not primarily there to represent voters or uphold democratic rights and values; it is a vehicle for facilitating and legitimating the concentration of wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands. In a recent post, I wrote[Read More...] The post The planet cannot heal until we rip the mask off the West’s war machine...
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2020 Nov 30 - 1:33pm
Co-Written by William D. Hartung and Mandy Smithberger Will the Biden Administration Dare Cut Military Spending? Now that Joe Biden is slated to take office as the 46th president of the United States, advice on how he should address a wide range of daunting problems is flooding in. Nowhere is there more at stake than when it comes to how he handles[Read More...] The post Shrinking the Pentagon appeared first on Countercurrents.
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2020 Nov 30 - 1:24pm
Another Iranian nuclear scientist has been assassinated. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed by an elaborately planned and executed ambush. The complexity of the attack and the resources required to carry it out strongly indicate a state actor. Fingers of blame quickly pointed at a likely assassin: Israel. The United States was probably in some form of collaboration since it is widely[Read More...] The post  The Slow-motion Assassination of Julian...
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2020 Nov 30 - 1:18pm
In the not-too-distant past, there was a very senior official .  He was an official of his own kind, very devoted to the welfare of the poorest people. He led a most simple life, so that he could devote himself single-mindedly to the dearest objective of his life which was to work for the welfare of poor and oppressed people,[Read More...] The post Government and the Old Woman in Forest appeared first on Countercurrents.
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2020 Nov 30 - 1:07pm
I was then 14, maybe 15, between studying English and science Spending seemingly interminable days waiting for the variety Of Puja Varshikis; back on our 3rd floor, waiting for that magic Moment for the day’s Ananda Bazar to drop in a corner Of the verandah, launched from the street.  And no sooner than The thud was heard, rushing to get[Read More...] The post Apu, Ekshan, Ikebana and being Bengali- Renaissance, uninterrupted – Remembering...
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2020 Nov 30 - 12:55pm
Hinduism has always been under threat by some force or other. The latest and most urgent one, by the sounds of it, is love jihad. It is a plot, according to protectors of the Hindu religion, to take over Hinduism. The aggressor, in this case is the Muslim samaj, which is secretly plotting to take over hinduism by seducing Hindu[Read More...] The post India’s Long Standing Jihad Against Love appeared first on Countercurrents.
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2020 Nov 30 - 12:36pm
The UNHRC Sessions in March 2021 assume a greater political importance for the war victims of Sri Lanka and above all for the relevant roles of United Nations and UN Human Rights Council regarding their commitments to uphold Human Rights, Accountability Justice and Rule of Law in countries which have been subjected to UN and UNHRC Resolutions like Sri Lanka[Read More...] The post UNHRC Sessions In March 2021 – Duty to Ensure Accountability...
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2020 Nov 30 - 12:27pm
The Indian Prime Minister’s greetings on the birth anniversary of the founder of Sikhism sound hypocritical, considering how his police have assaulted agitating farmers from Punjab in the national capital of the world’s so called largest democracy. The Sikhs will celebrate the 551st birthday of Guru Nanak Dev across the globe on Monday, November 30. In his radio address to[Read More...] The post Hey Modi, if you really care for what Nanak...
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