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2019 Dec 13 - 9:14am
Global Research
As Britons headed to the polls Thursday for the much-anticipated and highly consequential general election, U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sounded a note of optimism in response to early reports of big crowds and long lines at polling stations across … The post “It’s Happening,” Declares Jeremy Corbyn as Early UK Election Reports Suggest “Longest Queues Ever” appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 13 - 4:21am
Rabble News
December 12, 2019Scheer's departure means social conservatism is on the defensiveThe Conservative party leader's resignation signals that in Canada, opposition to same-sex and reproductive rights is now an out-there, fringe position, well beyond the mainstream.
2019 Dec 13 - 4:09am
Rabble News
Karl NerenbergIt should come as little surprise to anyone who has been paying even passing attention that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer decided to resign.  From the minute the results of October's election became official, Conservative party insiders and activists started treating Scheer as a dead opposition leader walking. Even staunch, hard-right Harper Conservative operatives openly expressed dismay at Scheer's well-documented and public...
2019 Dec 13 - 1:49am
Global Research
Vanessa Beeley, the award-winning journalist who has gained notoriety for her on the ground reporting on the Syrian conflict has faced opposition in her efforts to speak to Canadian audiences at the invitation of local anti war activists. According … The post Award-Winning Journalist Vanessa Beeley Faces “Deplatforming” at Six Canadian Venues appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 13 - 1:35am
Assembly of First Nations (Canada)
December 12, 2019 (Ottawa, ON): Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde issued the following statement today on the announcement by Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Regina-Qu’Appelle, that he is resigning as leader of the Conservative Party: “I have known Andrew Scheer for many The post AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde on Resignation of Andrew Scheer as Conservative...
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:58pm
Global Research
Fatty liver disease and death of liver tissue were also confirmed in rats fed regulatory permitted and thus presumed safe doses of the weedkiller The primary mechanism of how glyphosate herbicides kill plants is by inhibiting an enzyme called EPSPS, … The post Glyphosate and Roundup Proven to Disrupt Gut Microbiome by Inhibiting Shikimate Pathway appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:57pm
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Political rottenness may be bottomless.  Consider the following description of a political aspirant for the White House, this person being from the Democratic Party.  His “liabilities as a political candidate are so glaringly obvious that it’s easy to dismiss his … The post The Bloomberg Factor: Authoritarianism, Money and US Presidential Politics appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:44pm
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On December 11, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Army and the special forces unit, known as the “Red Bands”, attacked and captured the area of al-Katibat al-Mahjura in southeastern Idlib. Units of the Syrian Army deployed there were caught … The post Video: Militants Push Syrian Army Back in Southern Idlib appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:43pm
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Interim Prime Abdallah Hamdok of the Republic of Sudan visited the United States during early December seeking to have sanctions lifted against his newly-created administration. In meetings with members of Congress and the National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, who … The post Sudanese Transitional Government Faces Profound Challenges appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:42pm
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After the coup d’état, repression is advancing by leaps and bounds in Bolivia. The dictatorship persecutes the “narco-traffickers”, “vandals” and “terrorists”, that is to say: the social movements, former members of the government, peasants and indigenous people who demonstrate and … The post Bolivia: The 21st Century Coup d’État and Its Crimes Against Humanity appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:41pm
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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has certainly opened up pandora’s box in Libya that is now difficult for him to close after he made a series of gross miscalculations and aggression against Greece. This has triggered a crisis all across … The post Libya Is Likely to Become a Proxy Battlefront Between Greece and Turkey appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:40pm
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A recent article “NATO is Brain Dead” described the obsolescence Of NATO and NATO’s defense mechanisms against non-existence enemies. Amazing – with pretense of protection and security in Europe and the world, against Russia and China and fighting … The post NATO Summit – and 2020 Planned Aggression appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 10:39pm
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A team of Deutsche Bank macro analysts led by Oliver Harvey has produced its latest note economic note about Brexit expounding on the bank’s near-to-medium-term view on the outlook for British markets. The bulk of the note is an examination … The post Deutsche Bank Breaks Down How Tomorrow’s Election Will Impact UK Markets appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 8:27pm
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The intense diplomatic efforts undertaken by Presidents Putin and Zelensky finally yielded credible hope that peace might eventually return to Ukraine following their first-ever face-to-face meeting during this week’s Normandy Summit in Paris, but the greatest obstacle that both leaders … The post Ukraine Might Finally See Peace, Unless the US ‘Deep State’ Sabotages It First appeared first on Global Research.
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2019 Dec 12 - 8:16pm
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Today the Washington Post published a bombshell report titled “The Afghanistan Papers,” highlighting the degree to which the American government lied to the public about the ongoing status of the war in Afghanistan. Within the thousands of pages, consisting … The post The Warfare State Lied About Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. They Will Lie Again. appeared first on Global Research.
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