Canadian Media

2020 Feb 25 - 3:30pm
Tyee, The (BC, Canada)
Around the globe, documentary finds, people are paying a high price as housing becomes the latest big investment commodity.  Related StoriesChipping Away at Vancouver’s Affordable Art Spaces (in Culture)‘What a City Is For’: How We Can Find Our Way Home (in Culture)
2020 Feb 25 - 3:20pm
Tyee, The (BC, Canada)
The Indigenous writer on ‘alarmist’ coverage of today’s protests, and Canada’s past blockades to preserve colonialism.  Related StoriesThat Time Canada Had a Public Lab that Made Life-saving Drugs (in Analysis)Governments Created the Housing Crisis. Here’s How They Can Fix It (in Analysis)Peter MacKay? 'Good Luck Mister' Indeed (in Analysis)
2020 Feb 25 - 3:10pm
Tyee, The (BC, Canada)
Our conversation with the renowned botanist turns to fire, money and manual work.  Related StoriesTalking with the Botanist Who Talks to Trees (in News)They Call Themselves Sustainabiliteens and They Are Formidable (in News)‘Look for the People in the Corners’: Journalist Jamin Mike (in News)
2020 Feb 25 - 11:34am
Left Chapter
Che in Red Square, Moscow, 1960 -- Che Photo #24From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.
Tags: Che Guevara, Moscow, USSR, Vintage Photography
2020 Feb 25 - 11:33am
Global Research
The news is filled with stories about President Trump and his predecessors imposing sanctions on other countries, their officials, and other prominent persons. But the media rarely spells out exactly what these sanctions are, the intermediaries who enforce them, the … The post Sanctions and Corruption: Three Major News Stories that Need to be Exposed appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 25 - 11:28am
Global Research
If the current state of global affairs reminds you of an over-the-top plot by a white-cat-stroking James Bond villain, you’re not far off. When it comes to nuclear policy, we are closer than ever to a real-life movie disaster. During … The post We Need to Treat Nuclear War Like the Emergency It Is appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 25 - 11:24am
Global Research
Tom Clifford Reporting from Beijing There is no room for complacency or outright fear.  The new coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, sounds menacing and is.  But there’s another viral epidemic hitting countries around the world: the flu. COVID-19 has, since December, led … The post The New Coronavirus Outbreak, COVID-19, Sounds Menacing and Is appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 25 - 10:35am
Global Research
The president of the Supreme Electoral Court of Bolivia (TSE) Salvador Romero informed that the former President Evo Morales will not be able to participate in the 2020 general elections, which will be held on May 3. During a press … The post Bolivia’s Electoral Body Disqualifies Evo Morales’ Candidacy appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 25 - 10:21am
Global Research
In January 2017, days before Trump’s inauguration, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) concluded with “high confidence (that) Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election (sic).” Weeks before the US 2016 … The post No Russian 2020 Election Meddling Says US Intelligence Community Official appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 25 - 8:19am
Lascaris, Dimitri
Today, the Ontario Provincial Police arrested Indigenous land defenders at Tyendinaga. This is my statement on what the arrests say about the reality of our country, but also about the potential of our country: A video of the arrests can be found here:
Tags: Canadian Politics, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights
2020 Feb 25 - 7:47am
Rabble News
Fernando ArceIn an economy based on the extraction of profit from the surplus value of workers, labour laws will always favour employers. Inevitably, workers' rights will be limited and curtailed where profits are threatened. But strong labour laws are not just about labour, nor just about workers. Public health, for instance, is correlated to workers' job security, a livable wage and the availability of paid sick and emergency leave. As a 2015 ...
2020 Feb 25 - 7:05am
APTN News (Canada)
Priscilla Wolf APTN News The Mosquito Grizzly Bear Head Lean Man First Nation has the longest First Nation name in Canada. How that name came about has a longer history with many twists and claims that continue to this day. The post The story behind the longest First Nation name in the country and its fight for land appeared first on APTN News.
Tags: National News, History, Land, Mosquito Grizzly Bear Head Lean Man First Nation, Saskatchewan
2020 Feb 25 - 7:02am
APTN News (Canada)
Brittany Hobson APTN News A dance performance called The Mush Hole that explores the lives and spirits forced to attend Canada’s oldest residential school is in Winnipeg. The Mush Hole is set at Ontario’s Mohawk Institute. Mush was what residential school students called the food they were fed each day. Six Nations artist Santee Smith is the creator and producer of the piece. “When I was growing up I heard about the mush hole,” she said...
Tags: National News, Arts, Dance, Manitoba, Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School, The Mush Hole
2020 Feb 25 - 7:00am
APTN News (Canada)
Tamara Pimentel APTN News The project that was supposed to create thousands of jobs, bring billions of dollars into Alberta and offer growing opportunity for more than a dozen First Nation and Metis communities is dead. Vancouver’s Teck Resources announced Sunday that it is withdrawing its application for the multi-billion dollar Teck Frontier Mine project. Company CEO Don Lindsay said in a letter issued to media that the tensions...
Tags: National News, Alberta, Energy, Mine, oilsands, Tarsands
2020 Feb 25 - 6:58am
APTN News (Canada)
Tina House APTN News When James Harry walks through the alleys of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where drug use is rampant, he doesn’t see hopelessness but rather potential and a chance to heal people who are suffering. “I know how they are hurting, I know why they are hurting,” said Harry. “A lot of these people down here are running they are running from the traumas they are running from the hurt and that what we are trying to stop.”...
Tags: National News, Addictions, B.C., British Columbia, Downtown Eastside, healing