Engler, Yves

2020 Aug 5 - 6:57am
  On Sunday a demonstration is planned in Montréal against the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA). Under the banner “Against Israel’s annexation of the Jordan Valley. No to the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement!”, the march is seeking to … Continue reading →
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2020 Jul 28 - 9:23pm
While remembering their past has not prevented history from repeating itself, it is not possible for the descendants of the world’s first successful large-scale slave revolt to forget the trauma inflicted by their northern neighbours. One hundred and five years … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Haiti, Royal Bank of Canada, Solidarity Québec Haiti, Sun Life Assurance Company
2020 Jul 28 - 12:54am
  Contrasting the Jewish establishment’s reaction to alleged bigotry from a left-wing Toronto restaurant and unambiguous hatred from a far-right politician is a sad comment on their political priorities. As I detailed here and here, the anti-Palestinian lobby went into … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, israel
2020 Jul 24 - 8:17am
Le Devoir’s Christian Rioux is right to highlight the ruinous nature of US power in Haiti. But, he’s wrong to focus on Black American cultural influence or to suggest Québec has challenged US power there. In “Se rat kay kap … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Haiti, Haiti, Christian Rioux, Francophonie
2020 Jul 23 - 9:45am
Canada is locked in a hostage standoff with China that doesn’t look likely to end anytime soon. As relations with the world’s most populous nation deteriorate, it’s important to consider some history shaping the conflict and the impetus for the … Continue reading →
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2020 Jul 19 - 6:01am
  The Israel lobby has waged a remarkably successful campaign to bankrupt a small left-wing Toronto restaurant. Despite claiming to fight bigotry, it is the Israeli nationalists who have committed the surest racism and arguably taken the most anti-Jewish positions. … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, israel, B'nai Brith, CIJA, Emma Teitel, Foodbendors
2020 Jul 17 - 11:17pm
Once again the media focuses on salacious details rather than the big picture. While TV and newspapers have focused on the whiff of corruption surrounding the government’s $900 million contract with the WE Charity, some broader points have been ignored. … Continue reading →
Tags: NGOs, Matthew Behrens, Simon Black, structural adjustment program
2020 Jul 13 - 3:48am
It is easy to love your country. The messages encouraging patriotism are everywhere. And it fulfills a need to belong. But nationalism in our foreign policy is a major obstacle to a more just world. Reaction to the recent United … Continue reading →
Tags: Imperialism, No Borders Media, Perry Bellegarde, Stewart Phillip, Walter Dorn
2020 Jul 10 - 10:06pm
The pro-Israel community is engaged in a remarkable effort to bankrupt a small progressive Toronto restaurant. In their attack on Foodbenders, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and B’nai B’rith have once again allied with the violent, far-right, Jewish … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, israel
2020 Jul 9 - 4:34am
  Why the official silence about Toronto’s most powerful extreme right group? Is it because we live in a political culture where Palestinian lives don’t matter? Recently an individual with the Jewish Defence League (JDL) was photographed defacing a pro-Palestinian … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, israel, B'nai Brith, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, DoorDash, Doug Ford
2020 Jul 7 - 1:49am
Bob Rae’s appointment as ambassador to the UN is a direct result of Canada’s defeat in its bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. But, it suggests the Liberals are ignoring the lessons of that defeat and … Continue reading →
Tags: Justin Trudeau
2020 Jul 4 - 8:00pm
In recent weeks movements in different countries have toppled statues and put the police and other institutions upholding systemic racism on the defensive. But, amidst unprecedented protests against racism, there has been remarkably little interest in the white supremacist foreign … Continue reading →
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