Engler, Yves

2020 Feb 25 - 3:10am
  As many parents have warned their children, real friends do not encourage stupid, embarrassing, or life-threatening behaviour. But because of our “friend” to the south, Justin Trudeau’s government has deepened ties to a repressive 250-year old monarchy in Kuwait … Continue reading →
Tags: Justin Trudeau, Middle East, Military
2020 Feb 23 - 2:47am
  The Federal government wants Canadian corporations to profit from Ethiopia’s minerals. During his recent trip to the Horn of Africa country Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced negotiations on a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA). As I detailed … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Africa, Canadian Council on Africa, Canadian International Resources and Development Institute, Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, Trade Commissioner Service
2020 Feb 22 - 4:10am
If she had called Palestinians “towel heads” would that be too much? How about physically removing a Palestinian activist from a meeting? What’s the threshold at which left NDPers would stop promoting Cheri DiNovo? A few days ago, Niki Ashton’s team … Continue reading →
Tags: israel, NDP, Cheri DiNovo
2020 Feb 20 - 3:08am
The Trudeau government, just like the Harper Conservatives, has used Canadian foreign policy to protect the profits of wealthy mining companies against ordinary Africans desire to benefit from resource extraction. During a recent visit Justin Trudeau announced negotiations on a … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Africa, Justin Trudeau, mining
2020 Feb 18 - 3:21am
“Qui se ressemble, s’assemble.” The English saying is “birds of a feather flock together.” Translated from Spanish: “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” The folk wisdom that who we hang out with tells … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Haiti, Latin America, Venezuela
2020 Feb 17 - 1:43am
Should peace groups challenge Canadian militarism by pushing clear, principled, demands or by promoting a militarist government’s bid to rebrand itself through a “peace” institute? In a recent blog headlined “New Peace Centre needed to balance defence industry-funded think tanks”, … Continue reading →
Tags: Activism, Justin Trudeau, Military, NGOs, Peggy Mason, Peter Langille
2020 Feb 14 - 12:52am
The Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) exists primarily to lobby for increased aid. As a result, the NGO umbrella group broadly aligns with Canadian imperialism. When Justin Trudeau recently set off for an African Union Summit to build support … Continue reading →
Tags: aid, Imperialism, NGOs, Canadian Council for International Co-operation, Nicolas Moyer
2020 Feb 12 - 10:21pm
Justin Trudeau wants us to know he’s buddies with Africa’s most ruthless dictator. At the recent African Union Summit in Ethiopia Trudeau met Paul Kagame. The Prime Minister’s press people released a photo of him laughing with the Rwandan President … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Africa, Justin Trudeau, Rwanda, James Kabarebe, Paul Kagame
2020 Feb 11 - 9:27am
Canada is celebrating the agents of Palestinian misery. Last month the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv held an event to celebrate Canadians fighting in the Israeli military. They invited all 78 Canadians in the IDF to the ambassador’s residence to … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, Justin Trudeau, Middle East, Beit Halochem Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Deborah Lyons
2020 Feb 6 - 8:30am
What’s more likely to shape Canadian policy in the Hemisphere: human rights and democracy or bankers’ bottom-line? Last week Venezuelan politician Juan Guaidó was fêted in Ottawa. The self-declared president met Canada’s Prime Minister, international development minister and foreign minister. … Continue reading →
Tags: Justin Trudeau, Latin America, Venezuela, Brian Porter, juan guaido, Nicolas Maduro
2020 Jan 20 - 4:13am
While the current Liberal government claims to be progressive and in favour of a rules-based international order, promotion of democracy and world peace, its actions regarding Iran demonstrate that the primary drivers of Canadian foreign policy remain US Empire geo-political … Continue reading →
Tags: Iran, Justin Trudeau, Middle East
2020 Jan 16 - 8:05am
To understand where you are, it is necessary to know where you have been. To understand current Canadian policy towards the 18th most populous country in the world, it is necessary to look at the history of Ottawa’s relations with Iran. … Continue reading →
Tags: Iran, Middle East, Export Development Canada, Lester Pearson