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2019 Dec 9 - 8:05pm
This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 9, articles about Headline-News, Isis, Mena, Syria, Anglo-5, Defense, Eurasia, Germany, Nato, Russia, United-States, North-Korea, Afghanistan, Crime, Netherlands, Bolivia, Cuba, Latin-America, Mexico, Iran. Tags in this brief: Aleppo, Syria, Terrorism, Eu, Geopolitics, Germany, NATO, Russia, US Imperialism, Imperialism, Military, War, North Korea, Afghanistan, US War Crimes, […] The post The FRN...
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2019 Dec 9 - 8:05pm
This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 4, articles about Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, Brazil, Latin-America, Anglo-5, France-Eurasia, Nato, United-States. Tags in this brief: Nuclear, Russia, Brazil, Macron, NATO, Trump, Uruguay. Let us know in the comments if there is anything you miss coverage on! Table of Contents Does Russia really need a ‘nuclear […] The post The FRN Daily News Brief 2019-12-06 appeared first on Fort Russ...
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2019 Dec 9 - 6:10am
MOSCOW – Abdul Hadi Al-Hawij, right hand man of General Haftar of the Libyan National Army that opposes the Turkish-backed Muslim Brotherhood government that occupies the Libyan capital of Tripoli, with a formal invitation from the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mikhail Bogdanov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Envoy of the Russian President to the Middle East […] The post Haftar representative in Moscow: Denounces Ankara-...
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2019 Dec 9 - 4:04am
If De Gaulle, Kennedy and Mattei were alive today, it is guaranteed they would recognize in the Belt and Road Initiative and broader Eurasian alliance, the only viable pathway to a future worth living in and the only means to save the souls of their own nations. The post Macron’s Great Leap East Revives the Spirit of De Gaulle appeared first on Fort Russ.
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2019 Dec 8 - 9:00pm
Cambridge, MA, United States – MIT researchers have devised a novel circuit design that enables precise control of computing with magnetic waves — with no electricity needed. The advance takes a step toward practical magnetic-based devices, which have the potential to compute far more efficiently than electronics. Classical computers rely on massive amounts of electricity […] The post STUDY: More Efficient Computing, With...
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2019 Dec 8 - 3:30pm
US President Donald Trump has staked his chips on Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaidó, but the failure of this move makes the president’s advisers pursue more aggressive strategies. US Vice President Mike Pompeo earlier this month held a meeting with senior Trump Administration officials to re-evaluate the US strategy adopted a year ago to […] The post What options does the US have against Maduro after...
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2019 Dec 8 - 1:30pm
Russia will not interfere with Venezuela’s internal affairs, either on its own initiative or in cooperation with the US, Federation Council Defense Committee Deputy Chairman Franz Klintsevich said. The senator stressed that interference in the affairs of any country is unacceptable. “Russia cooperates with the legitimately elected president of Venezuela, fulfilling all its commitments to […] The post Russia says it will not...
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2019 Dec 8 - 12:30pm
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reached an agreement with Ukraine for a loan of $5.5 billion and maturing in three years. IMF Director-General Kristalina Georgieva announced the agreement between the financial entity and Kiev on Saturday. According to Georgieva, the measure needs to be approved by management and the Executive Council to take effect. […] The post IMF grants $5.5 billion loan to Ukraine appeared first on Fort Russ...
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2019 Dec 8 - 11:21am
BEGRADE – Serbia has no plans to manufacture weapons or missiles in conjunction with Russia, President Aleksandar Vucic told reporters. Shortly before, the Serbian leader examined at the Batajnici military airport outside Belgrade four Mi-35 helicopters, three Mi-17 helicopters and seven recently purchased Airbus H-145s from the aircraft manufacturer. “I can’t confirm it because there […] The post Serbian President...
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2019 Dec 8 - 7:00am
The China-bashing traitors within his own party trying to pass themselves off as American patriots have done everything imaginable to destroy the one chance the President has to save America from the policies of economic and social decay which have mis-shaped the past 50 years of world history. The post Sociopaths on the Left and Sociopaths on the Right Work to Break Potential US-China Alliance appeared first on Fort Russ.
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2019 Dec 8 - 5:30am
Allepo. Syria – A total of 10 civilians, including eight children, were killed and 13 were wounded in a mortar attack by militants in the city of Tall Rifat, in Northern Aleppo province on Wednesday, Maj. Gen. Yuri Borenkov, the head of the Russian Centre for Syrian reconciliation, said. “A sports club in the city […] The post Mortar Attack by Militants in Syria’s Aleppo Province Kills 8 Children appeared first on Fort...
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2019 Dec 8 - 5:00am
BERLIN – A majority of Germans are in favor of reducing their reliance on US defense and having closer ties with Russia, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by the German DPA news agency. Around 55% of Germans said that in the case of an attack, they would want European NATO nations to defend themselves […] The post Majority of Germans Favor Reducing US, NATO Reliance appeared first on Fort Russ.
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