Bartlett, Eva Karene

2020 Feb 25 - 10:49am
Assange’s lawyers pointed to CIA surveillance by a Sheldon Adelson-backed private contractor and the Trump administration’s public contempt for the… The post As Assange’s trial begins, his lawyers highlight risk of extradition with CIA spying operation’s ‘extreme measures’ appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Julian Assange, assange, dana rohrabacher, donald trump, Ecuador, Lenin Moreno
2020 Feb 25 - 7:42am
With a familiar playbook of evidence-free, anonymously sourced red-baiting, the forces behind Russiagate try to stop Bernie Sanders’ primary success.… The post The Russiagate Racket targets the Bernie Sanders surge appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Pushback with Aaron Maté, Bernie Sanders, Democratic Party, DNC, Max Blumenthal, presidential primary
2020 Feb 24 - 3:53pm
Chile has responded to anti-neoliberal protests with brutally violent repression. 10,365 people have been detained; 3765 treated for wounds in… The post Chile’s US-backed gov’t is shooting anti-austerity protesters, blinding and maiming by the thousands appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Chile, jacobin, Luis Almagro, NACLA, Neoliberalism, Nicaragua
2020 Feb 24 - 12:51am
Amid new fear-mongering about “Russian interference,” former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter on Trump’s overlooked, reckless escalation of the US-Russia… The post Russiagate 2.0 drowns out Trump’s reckless escalation of US-Russia nuclear arms race appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Pushback with Aaron Maté, donald trump, inf treaty, New START, nuclear war, Nuclear Weapons
2020 Feb 23 - 1:50am
In Managua, Ben Norton interviews Nicaragua’s representative to the UN’s International Court of Justice, Carlos Argüello Gómez, who speaks about… The post After US terrorist war and sanctions, Nicaragua fights for justice at international court appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Nicaragua, Carlos Arguello Gomez, Contras, coup, donald trump, ICJ
2020 Feb 22 - 10:58pm
Randy Credico, a key figure in the Roger Stone trial, on Stone’s 40-month sentence and how Stone’s lies, free liquor… The post Exclusive: Randy Credico, key witness in Roger Stone case, on Stone’s 40-month sentence appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Pushback with Aaron Maté, Julian Assange, Randy Credico, Roger Stone, Russiagate, Wikileaks
2020 Feb 22 - 1:45am
Why is Turkey, with US backing, protecting Al-Qaeda’s largest affiliate in Idlib, Syria? Idlib is facing a humanitarian disaster as… The post Turkey, US protect Al Qaeda in Idlib and worsen Syria’s suffering appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Pushback with Aaron Maté, Al-Qaeda, Free Syrian Army, Idlib, Scott Ritter, Syria
2020 Feb 20 - 10:52am
Former Michael Bloomberg aide Arick Wierson, who is pushing the billionaire’s 2020 presidential campaign and attacking Bernie Sanders, helped elect… The post Bloomberg surrogate was PR guru for Brazil’s extreme-right leader Bolsonaro appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Brazil, US Politics, 2020 presidential campaign, Arick Wierson, Bernie Sanders, bloomberg
2020 Feb 19 - 1:36pm
Media bias against Nicaragua’s Sandinista government is unremitting, and international NGOs are feeding it by misreporting a violent land dispute… The post While Nicaragua returns to peace, media and international NGOs conjure epidemic of violence with dubious reporting appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Nicaragua, Alal, Amnesty International, BBC, Bosawas, NGOs
2020 Feb 18 - 12:44pm
High-ranking CIA agent Anne Sacoolas is charged with killing a teenage British citizen. While the US demands Julian Assange’s extradition,… The post While demanding Assange, US refuses to extradite CIA agent who killed British teen appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Julian Assange, UK, Anne Sacoolas, Boris Johnson, CIA, Craig Murray
2020 Feb 18 - 11:43am
The truth is that Australia could have rescued Julian Assange and can still rescue him. Leaders of his homeland who have… The post John Pilger: It is time for Julian Assange to be saved, not betrayed appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Julian Assange, Australia, hillary clinton, John Pilger, Keir Starmer, Scott Morrison
2020 Feb 17 - 2:21am
Atrapado en un conflicto de intereses con su empleador en Harvard, en septiembre pasado Ricardo Hausmann renunció públicamente a su… The post ¿Golpista venezolano Ricardo Hausmann escenificó una falsa renuncia al BID para conservar su cómodo trabajo en Harvard? appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: Español, Venezuela, Atlantic Council, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, BID, El Salvador