Bartlett, Eva Karene

2020 Nov 17 - 4:21am
The real 2020 election scandal is Republican-led voter theft targeting Black and youth voters in key battlegrounds, investigate reporter Greg Palast says. President Trump is refusing to concede to Joe Biden over baseless allegations of widespread electoral fraud. Investigative journalist Greg Palast says that the real 2020 voting scandal is Republican-led voter theft targeting Black and youth voters in key battlegrounds, including Georgia, where...
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2020 Nov 15 - 7:46am
A glance at the Biden-Harris agency review teams should provide a rude awakening to anyone who believed a Biden administration could be “pushed to the left.” An eye-popping array of corporate consultants, war profiteers, and national security hawks have been appointed by President-elect Joe Biden to agency review teams that will set the agenda for his administration. A substantial percentage of them worked in the United States...
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2020 Nov 14 - 3:13am
Leo Flores of CODEPINK joins Anya Parampil to discuss what the election of Joe Biden will mean for US Venezuela policy, and the importance of Venezuela’s upcoming parliamentary elections in preserving the country’s sovereignty. The post What Biden’s election means for Venezuela appeared first on The Grayzone.
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2020 Nov 14 - 3:12am
With Trump rejecting the US election outcome and the Biden team advocating continued regime change abroad, Max Blumenthal on US hegemony coming home to roost. As President Trump refuses to concede over baseless allegations of widespread fraud, the Biden team has sent signals that there will be little to no transition away from US regime change abroad. The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discusses Trump’s rejection of democracy at home, and...
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2020 Nov 12 - 11:19am
The head of the Joe Biden transition team for the US Agency for Global Media, Richard Stengel, has branded himself the “chief propagandist,” urged the government to use propaganda against its “own population,” and called to “rethink” the First Amendment. Richard Stengel, the top state media appointee for US President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team, has enthusiastically defended the use of propaganda...
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2020 Nov 3 - 10:26am
Self-styled whistleblower Christopher Wylie and The Guardian reporter Carole Cadwalladr earned film deals and flashy awards by blaming Brexit and Trump on a sweeping conspiracy between data firm Cambridge Analytica and Russia. A British government investigation shatters their claims to fame. Two years after the stunning June 2016 passage of the Brexit referendum, affirming the British public’s desire to withdraw from the European Union,...
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2020 Nov 3 - 9:21am
A Department of Homeland Security election alert spawning new Russia fears was so incoherent and inconsistent with previous findings, it suggested a state of political panic inside the agency. Just days before the 2020 election the bureaucratic forces behind the original claim of Russian hacking of state election-related websites in 2016 launched a new drive to spawn fears of Moscow-made political chaos in the wake of the voting. The new...
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2020 Nov 3 - 8:34am
Aggressive efforts by both parties to court South Florida’s Latin American diaspora have shaped Miami’s political landscape into a paranoid, anti-communist madhouse as Election Day nears. Just a week before the November 3 election, a New York Times report on plans by a future Joseph Biden administration to restart negotiations with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro roiled the Democratic presidential hopeful’s campaign. The...
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2020 Nov 3 - 2:08am
The UK Labour Party has suspended former leader Jeremy Corbyn, even as a new report underscores that anti-Semitism allegations were a smear campaign against him. Former Labour MP Chris Williamson responds. Former UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended by his successor, neoliberal Blairite Keir Starmer, even as a new report confirms that claims of a Labour “anti-Semitism crisis” under Corbyn’s watch were without merit...
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2020 Nov 2 - 2:23pm
The Grayzone traveled to Bolivia to produce this documentary investigating the coup government’s massacre of indigenous protesters in the Senkata area of El Alto in November 2019. We interviewed family members of victims and human rights lawyers trying to hold the Jeanine Áñez transitional administration to justice. By Anya Parampil Camera, editing and scoring by Ben Norton The post Survivors of Bolivia coup massacre cry out for justice...
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2020 Oct 31 - 1:24pm
Katrina vanden Heuvel on the life and legacy of her late husband Stephen F. Cohen, the eminent historian who shaped the field of Russia studies and bravely challenged the New Cold War.  Stephen F. Cohen, the eminent historian who helped shape the field of Russia studies and bravely exposed the fallacies and dangers of Russiagate and the new Cold War, passed away on September 18, 2020 at the age of 81. Cohen’s wife, Katrina vanden Heuvel,...
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2020 Oct 31 - 7:06am
Ben Norton speaks with Andrés González Berdecía, a senatorial candidate from the Puerto Rican Independence Party, about the November 3 election and referendum, US colonialism, the unelected neoliberal junta that controls Puerto Rico’s economy, the similarities between Republican and Democratic administrations, and why he wants his nation to be independent. The post Puerto Ricans struggle for independence from US colonialism appeared first...
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