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2020 Oct 15 - 6:31pm
Crypto traders live for risk. Every day, small fortunes are won and lost on derivatives exchanges, where the loser gets liquidated and the winner doubles up. That’s the nature of the game, and players know what they’re getting into before they dial up the leverage and market buy. Decentralized finance (defi) is an altogether different … The post DeFi Joins Bitcoin Casinos in Crypto Trader’s Craving for High Risk, High Reward first appeared...
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2020 Sep 8 - 6:17pm
Human beings are allowed to go bankrupt. Some of them don’t want to go bankrupt, but in many cases, it’s the best thing for them to do in the face of the overwhelming debts they’re attempting to repay. The alternative to bankruptcy is to spend the rest of their life tied to repayments that they … The post Why This Is The Right Time For Debt Forgiveness first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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2020 Sep 8 - 6:10pm
Difficulty in sleeping happens to every person at least once a year, and it’s mostly nothing to worry about. However, some people experience sleep deprivation longer than others and may have some serious issues underlining that could define their state. Sleep is an essential phenomenon of the body and needs to be carried out in … The post 6 Proficient Ways to Get Healthier Sleep at Night first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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2020 Aug 16 - 9:06am
The impact of the global coronavirus lockdown is set to plunge 100 million people into extreme poverty, warns a new report by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. The report appears to pin the blame on COVID-19 itself for the economic impact, yet the actual culprit is discovered to be the “restrictions” put in place … The post Global lockdowns could soon plunge 100 million into extreme poverty first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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2020 Jul 19 - 2:02pm
Google has announced that it will ban advertisements from web pages that promote coronavirus conspiracy theories, or challenge the “authoritative scientific consensus” on the deadly virus. Google has already banned adverts promoting phony coronavirus cures or touting “medical misinformation,” but the tech giant went one step further on Friday, telling CNBC that as of next month, it will … The post Google to cut advertising revenue from...
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2020 Jul 19 - 1:13pm
Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riyad al-Maliki says he is going to lodge a case against American technology companies Google and Apple over their deletion of Palestine from online world maps. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Lebanon-based and Arabic-language al-Mayadeen television news network on Friday, Maliki said he was “looking into legal procedure to respond to … The post Google and Apple delete...
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2020 Jul 18 - 1:27pm
Africa is now becoming the testing ground for a biometric digital identity platform developed in a partnership between Mastercard, Trust Stamp, and Bill Gates’ GAVI Vaccine Alliance. While Trust Stamp provides identification authentication through AI, GAVI is an international organization created by tech mogul Bill Gates for supposedly helping underprivileged children access new as well … The post Bill Gates-backed vaccine record, digital...
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2020 Jul 11 - 9:01pm
When people hunt for a business scheme through which they can earn lots of revenue and that too in a brief period, then one of the most promising business ideas turn out to be the opening of a casino. For decades, people have turned their attention to gambling and it is considered a favorite pastime … The post How far can you chase your dreams of opening a casino? first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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2020 Jul 11 - 8:54pm
Both Microgaming and NetEnt tend to be the biggest names involved in the online gaming world. They have formed well in more than 1000 slots besides many virtual table games. They have also paid the highest online slots jackpots. The Mega moolah of Microgaming has paid a whopping amount of $21 million whereas Mega Fortune … The post Why Microgaming and NetEnt Aren’t Still the Leaders of Online Gambling? first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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2020 Jul 11 - 8:50pm
The world is overflowing with amazing casino games and you’ll want to experiment with all of them. There is a good chance that you’ve played Blackjack a lot. You enjoy playing this online and when you visit a casino in person. Well, you have to understand that there are variations of the game and every … The post What Is Quantum Blackjack? first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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2020 Jul 11 - 8:45pm
Whether you are a gambler or not, you’ve like seen some movie, documentary, or TV show about someone or a group of individuals counting cards. There is extensive research into the topic and you can find hundreds to thousands of videos, books, or informational articles online discussing the subject. However, in most of this information, … The post Is Learning To Count Cards Really Beneficial? first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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2020 Jul 11 - 8:40pm
As long as the game of blackjack has been around people have been trying to come up with strategic and creative ways to beat it. Over the years, there have been a lot of interesting strategies, but there is none that has stuck like counting cards. This is probably because it is one of the … The post Does A Continuous Shuffling Machine Render Counting Cards Useless? first appeared on Hang The Bankers.
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