Electronic Intifada

2020 Sep 12 - 5:26am
White House ceremony next week will bring UAE, Bahraini and Israeli leaders together.
Tags: Arab normalization, Abraham Accords, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Peace to Prosperity workshop
2020 Sep 12 - 4:29am
France wants decision to revoke residency status withdrawn.
Tags: Salah Hamouri, Jerusalem residency, Elsa Lefort, Withholding of bodies
2020 Sep 12 - 1:57am
Activists are also calling on Joe Biden to fire Muslim engagement adviser Farooq Mitha.
Tags: Emgage, Emgage Action, Farooq Mitha, Joe Biden, 2020 US presidential election
2020 Sep 11 - 4:38am
Susan Abulhawa on her new novel chronicling a life of exile, confinement and defiance.
Tags: Podcast, Susan Abulhawa, Fiction, kuwait, Palestinian refugees
2020 Sep 10 - 8:36pm
Muslim American group must apologize, renounce Israel lobby ties, says scholar Sami al-Arian.
Tags: Emgage, Emgage Action
2020 Sep 10 - 12:56am
Throwing Palestinians under the bus is often seen as the path to Muslim American political inclusion.
Tags: 2020 US presidential election, Democratic Party, Muslim Americans, Emgage Action, Emgage, Farooq Mitha
2020 Sep 9 - 10:13pm
The conflation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism only acts to stifle freedom of expression and perpetuate injustice.
Tags: campus activism, Hillel, SJP
2020 Sep 9 - 6:19am
Nearly 1,200 active coronavirus cases as community transmission spreads.
Tags: AIDA-Jerusalem, Gaza siege, coronavirus, covid-19, Gaza health care system, Ran Goldstein