2019 Dec 13 - 3:45am
The worst outbreak of fatal African Swine Fever disease ever has devastated the world’s largest pig population, that of China, over the past months. Now it is spreading to neighboring states and even threatens the United States pig herds. The political and human impact could be far worse than imagined as a de facto pandemic disease situation spreads. Globalization of agribusiness is not helping matters. .  
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2019 Dec 13 - 3:41am
For the sake of brevity, and because this is not a scholarly article, but only an examination of a theme that must be treated in as few words as possible, it is necessary to make some sweeping generalizations. From the dawn of History and up until relatively recent times, humanity was governed by kings whose will was law; kings were supported by priesthoods who affirmed that the royal power was divinely instituted...
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2019 Dec 13 - 3:30am
"The industries have a very limited need for people without experience and education." — Johanna Odö, municipal councilor; Aftonbladet, October 3, 2019. Now, to save money, the Ystad municipality will no longer serve hot meals to the elderly and cleaning services will be limited to once every three weeks.
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2019 Dec 13 - 3:22am
The representative of Fratelli d’Italia sent a letter to school administrators inviting principals and teachers to “enhance within their own school every Christmas-related initiative, with the preparation of nativity scenes and the performance of recitals or songs related to the theme of the Nativity”.
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2019 Dec 13 - 3:16am
As can be seen from a response from the Federal Government to a request by AFD Member Martin Hess, the Criminal Investigation Service recorded nationwide in the third quarter of 2019 so far 52 attacks on AfD party bureaus or party institutions. Of these alone accounted for 26 attacks on the AfD. The Left Party and the SPD were each affected seven times, the Greens five and the CDU four times. On FDP facilities an...
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2019 Dec 13 - 3:06am
Over the course of my life I have watched integrity shrivel up and die everywhere in the Western world. It is not like it was ever really abundant, but there was a goodly amount of it, and it had authority. People, especially those in public life, weren’t shameless as they are today.
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2019 Dec 13 - 2:58am
While the EU and United States have all but abandoned nuclear energy as a future power source, with almost no new reactors being built and existing ones being decommissioned, Russia has quietly emerged as the world’s leading builder of peaceful civilian nuclear power plants. Now the Russian state nuclear company, Rosatom, has completed the first commercial floating nuclear plant and has successfully towed it to...
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2019 Dec 13 - 2:56am
From the “normal president” to the “president of the rich”, the difference between President Hollande and Macron is striking, at least as far as their movements by plane are concerned. Capital.fr reported that in 2018, the amount reimbursed by the Elysée to the Ministry of the Armed Forces in charge of the government fleet, is much higher than in 2015, when François Hollande was in charge.
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2019 Dec 13 - 2:54am
Officials in Vienna have decided not to erect a previously commissioned statue of Polish King Jan III Sobieski, the savior of Vienna in 1683. The hero was to have been commemorated with the statue, which would have stood on the Kahlenberg, on high terrain close to Vienna from which he launched his charge against the Turks to relieve the siege of Vienna.
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2019 Dec 13 - 2:47am
The Guardian has published an editorial titled “The Guardian view on extraditing Julian Assange: don’t do it”, subtitled “The US case against the WikiLeaks founder is an assault on press freedom and the public’s right to know”.
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2019 Dec 13 - 2:41am
Such dissembling about America having always been multicultural are no more than post hoc justifications for turning the country into a veritable Tower of Babel. Early America’s colonies were founded by Englishmen in periwigs, speaking different English dialects. They were joined by Irish, Scottish, French, Dutch, German and Swedish Christians, who quickly adopted English as lingua franca.
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2019 Dec 13 - 2:34am
Amir El-Shamy is general secretary of the Austrian branch of the organisation Iman, which belongs to the worldwide Dawah movement (conversion to Islam). The four-day workshop, “only for brothers”, in which the contribution towards expenses is €50, took place at the end of August 2019 somewhere in Salzburg’s mountains. The accommodation shown on Facebook seems to be in Tennengau, the regional Austrian daily the ...
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