2020 Aug 3 - 7:00pm
The US is disrupting free trade and has imposed extraterritorial sanctions to try to stop the flow of energy on the world market, says Dr. Bruno Bandulet, former editor at German daily Die Welt.
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:55pm
The announcement of the new government of Jean Castex on Monday July 6 at the start of the evening also included the next Minister of Justice. The most visible lawyer in France, who defended terrorist Abdelkader Merah, is a flashy (and divisive) personality in the world of justice. Dupont-Moretti will be replacing Nicole Belloubet at the ministry. The choice elicited negative reactions from professionals in the...
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:52pm
The gender of Dutch citizens will no longer be mentioned on their identity card within a few years, announced the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. Ingrid van Engelshoven has removed the gender of citizens from identity cards. The latter considers that this registration “useless”. In a letter to parliament, the minister, also responsible for emancipation, announced her intention to remove the inscription...
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:48pm
Zimbabwe's vice president, Kembo Mohadi, has blamed white people for the country's poor economic situation. Zimbabwe has been in recession since independence from Britain in 1980 because the former colonial masters had not taught them how to do business, Mohadi told ZBC TV. The locals only knew how to run shebeens [where alcoholic beverages are sold illegally] and general stores. “The white man gave us no...
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:42pm
It was written in response to the investigation into a possible revision of the UN Migration Pact. Because the conclusions were disheartening, the advice was sent on July 3, which also happens to be the day on which the summer recess starts. “We can’t do anything; it is too expensive,” the report concluded.
Tags: Geopolitics, immigration
2020 Aug 3 - 6:38pm
The Poles appear satisfied with the choice of their president Andrzej Duda, who was re-elected to power on Sunday July 12. The final results were announced on Monday morning, with 51,2 percent of the vote against Rafal Trzaskowski (48,8 percent), the pro-European mayor of Warsaw. The new head of state is a member of the conservative party Law and Justice (PiS). His opponent considered that “the result has...
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:32pm
The AfD has sharply criticized the decision of Bild editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt not to conduct interviews with AfD politicians. “It is inconceivable that a medium like the Bild newspaper is in the service of established politics and distances itself from the largest opposition party, the AfD,” said the media spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Martin Renner on Monday.
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:26pm
George Soros has taken out his checkbook once again, this time to fight racism. On Monday, July 13, the Open Society Foundations, a group the billionaire founded and which funds many NGOs, announced on its website that it would invest $220 million in “racial justice” to achieve equality between races in the United States. Most of this, $150 million, will go to black-led, racially-focused organisations in the form...
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:24pm
The Senate proposal to amend the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, was adopted after heated debate giving citizens the right to armed self-defence under specific circumstances. Senator and former Police President Martin Červíček, one of the initiators of the proposal, argued that the amendment aimed to counter the disarmament drive of the European Union.
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2020 Aug 3 - 6:20pm
I learned of New York Times editor Bari Weiss’ resignation letter to A. G. Sulzberger from a relative and from friends who called to ask if I wrote the letter as it sounds so much like me. No, of course I did not write the letter. This is an extraordinary letter written by a journalist of real principle and integrity who realized that such highly valuable journalistic traits were no longer welcome at the New York...
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2020 Aug 1 - 12:16am
The captain of an Italian ship had rescued migrants and then brought them back to Libya, an illegal act for which he is now on trial - a first in Italy.
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2020 Aug 1 - 12:13am
A bevy of politicians of Turkish origin in Germany have invariably openly appeared as propagandists for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party the AKP. Are their careers supported by Ankara?
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