2020 Feb 21 - 4:41pm
“In the previous epidemics, which turned out to be duds—West Nile, SARS, bird flu, Swine Flu, MERS, Zika, Ebola—there were people claiming the virus had been diabolically weaponized, it was spreading unchecked, and THIS WAS THE BIG ONE. If they had been right, we would not be here to discuss epidemics. We would all be dead. Of course, this history of duds gives these doomsayers no pause at all. They keep...
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2020 Feb 21 - 4:37pm
There’s so much going on in US politics right now that it’s hard to know what to write about.
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2020 Feb 21 - 4:34pm
Since 1973 when two women, prompted (some might say, used) by their activist radical women’s rights attorneys, challenged laws prohibiting abortions and won1, nearly 50 million unborn and nearly born babies have been killed. That is nearly 16% of the current population of the United States. Fifty million babies who had no choice were sacrificed on the Altar of Choice—proving that when activist attorneys with no...
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2020 Feb 21 - 4:27pm
Western elites and their lackeys in the media despise Russian president Vladimir Putin and they make no bones about it. The reasons for this should be fairly obvious. Putin has rolled back US ambitions in Syria and Ukraine, aligned himself with Washington’s biggest strategic rival in Asia, China, and is currently strengthening his economic ties with Europe which poses a long-term threat to US dominance in Central...
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2020 Feb 20 - 9:47pm
No group in the United States has labored so hard as the friends of Israel to destroy the First Amendment to the Constitution, which commits the government to prohibit any “abridging the freedom of speech…or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.” Ironically, of course, Congressmen and government officials who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign h
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2020 Feb 20 - 7:10pm
  Everywhere we look, we find signs of out-of-control Big Pharma influence on medical policies and public health laws. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering drug ads account for the vast majority of most media outlets’ advertising revenues.
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2020 Feb 19 - 1:18am
Prior to the impeachment of Trump, not by Congress as presstitutes report but by self-interested House Democrats, during the entirety of US history there have been only two attempts to impeach a president—Andrew Johnson in 1868 and 130 years later Bill Clinton in 1998. 
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2020 Feb 19 - 1:12am
Morgan Stanley maintains that the challenge of viruses is among the most important at a political, social and image level that China has faced in recent decades. The Middle Empire has achieved unmatched economic success, leading to the most massive alleviation of poverty in human history (800 million people who have left the condition in the last forty years).
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2020 Feb 19 - 1:09am
As specialists in media operations, such as the blocking of the mountain pass in the Hautes-Alpes to symbolically prevent the passage of migrants or the premises of the NGO SOS Mediterranean, the movement has been imposing their themes in the public debate. Identity Generation regularly makes the headlines because of its agit-prop operations, such as the occupation of the Poitiers mosque construction site, the...
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2020 Feb 15 - 6:59pm
The exodus of migrants from Libya continues. Once again it is Alarm Phone, which deals with reporting vessels in difficulty in the Mediterranean, that sounded the alarm: in the last three days almost 800 people have fled Libya.
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2020 Feb 15 - 6:55pm
It scarcely needs saying that, to listen to the liberal-leftist claptrap gushing from outfits such as The Guardian, one would think that Britain (and the predominantly white, Western world generally) is a hotbed of racism and xenophobia.
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2020 Feb 15 - 6:52pm
According to the AFP news agency, Nehammer said: “More and more people are coming. More and more are making their way across the Mediterranean and more and more people are drowning. We have to keep our line very consistently.”
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