Lascaris, Dimitri

2020 Nov 10 - 6:19am
(This article was originally published in Canadian Dimension.) In early 2008, as the subprime mortgage crisis laid waste to the American financial system, a young, charismatic, African-American politician by the name of Barack Obama mounted a challenge to the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton. At the time, I was a securities class actions lawyer practising in Canada. I had recently negotiated...
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2020 Oct 15 - 10:32pm
In August 2016, on the eve of the Green Party of Canada’s biannual general meeting, B’nai Brith Canada, a “staunch defender” of the state of Israel, published an article in which it defamed me. B’nai Brith’s defamatory article was plainly intended to influence a Green Party debate on a resolution calling for the Green Party to support the use of boycotts, divestment and sanctions to bring an end to...
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2020 Oct 15 - 12:12am
On my own behalf and on behalf of the passionate, inspiring and dedicated members of our campaign team, I am writing to thank you for your support in the Green Party of Canada leadership race.   Throughout our campaign, we put forward a boldly progressive platform – a platform unlike any that mainstream Canadian politics has seen. Despite the obstacles put in our way, we came within a hair’s breadth of winning, and did so by...
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2020 Jul 18 - 8:37pm
Recently, I spoke with Jack Etkin of Citizen’s Forum in Victoria, B.C. As I discussed with Jack, for me, Eco-Socialism means simply that all members of society, without exception, have a fair and reasonable opportunity to achieve their individual potential.  The basic necessities of life are guaranteed to them: housing, education, health care, food security and access to the information they need to exercise fully their political rights,...
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2020 Jun 12 - 7:46pm
Yesterday, at the General Dynamics plant in London, Ontario, I joined with Amnesty International and dozens of human rights activists to condemn the Trudeau government’s sale of weaponized personnel carriers to the brutal Saudi autocracy. As I explained in my speech, the Green Party of Canada has long opposed the sale of these weapons to Saudi Arabia. In the 1970s, with the help of Pierre Trudeau’s government, this plant was converted from...
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2020 Jun 9 - 8:47pm
I’m honoured to the have endorsement of Roger Waters in the Green Party of Canada’s Leadership race. Roger is not only an extraordinary musician, he is also admired around the world as a champion of human rights and social justice.
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2020 Jun 3 - 10:03am
This morning, I learned that my application to participate in the Green Party of Canada leadership race has been accepted following a successful appeal from a decision of a vetting committee. My campaign team and I are overjoyed at this opportunity to fight for the values we hold dear: social and environmental justice, diversity, non-violence, and participatory democracy. We’re excited to be part of a diverse and dynamic field of candidates, and...
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2020 May 29 - 2:44am
The Green Party of Canada’s vetting committee has accepted my request to disclose the identities of its members and their reasons for not approving my leadership application. My team and I have reviewed the reasons and they do not constitute a reasonable basis for disqualifying me. We are confident party members would agree, and we are convinced that no valid basis exists to disqualify me from this race. Therefore, my appeal will proceed...
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2020 May 27 - 7:00am
Today, I received word that my application to run in the Green Party of Canada leadership race has not been accepted. I have asked the party’s anonymous vetting committee to explain its reason for not accepting my application. I have appealed this decision. The appeal process will take seven days. This is but one more challenge on our long journey toward environmental and social justice. Please stay tuned. Peace and solidarity, Dimitri
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2020 May 14 - 12:44am
In this week’s episode of Dimitri Live, I and my co-hosts Lia Tarachansky, Wendy Goldsmith and Atul Bahl discussed how we can build a more caring society as we emerge from the pandemic. We talked in particular about the need for a national mental healthcare strategy and the strengthening of our healthcare system. For example, Canada ranks 51st in the world in the number of doctors per capita (behind Ukraine, Mongolia and Kuwait). Cuba, by...
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2020 May 13 - 12:25am
Last month, in a letter to the Hill Times, I responded to an op-ed by Phil Gurski, a former senior strategic analyst with Canada’s spy agency (CSIS), in which Mr. Gurski raised the spectre of potential violence by environmental activists. After the Hill Times published my letter, Mr. Gurski kindly invited me onto his weekly program to debate national security, the threat posed by the fossil fuels industry and terrorism. In our debate,...
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2020 May 7 - 8:21pm
In the latest episode of Dimitri Live, Wendy Goldsmith and I spoke to domestic violence expert Maureen Reid about the ways in which we can provide vital support to victims of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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