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2019 Dec 11 - 3:03am
For The Real News Network, I spoke this week with Dr. Neil Swart of the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling & Analysis (CCCMA). The CCCMA has developed a more sophisticated climate model which predicts that, under a high emissions scenario, we will see 7-8C of warming by 2100. The model also predicts that, even in a strong emissions mitigation scenario, the world will experience 2.4C of global heating over pre-industrial levels by 2100...
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2019 Dec 4 - 12:56pm
For The Real News, I spoke with Lisa Song of ProPublica and Nikita Naik of Food and Water Watch about serious flaws in two major cap and trade systems in the United States, one of which includes the Province of Quebec:
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2019 Dec 3 - 8:54am
For The Real News Network, I spoke recently with freelance journalist Justin Mikulka about a new study which reveals that the rail industry spent even more on climate crisis denial than the fossil fuels industry:      
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2019 Nov 30 - 11:28pm
On Question de Preuve with Me Hugo Martin of Rivercast Media, I recently discussed Canada’s crisis of access to justice, the challenges of being a lawyer and an activist, and the decision of Canada’s Federal Court to reject “Product of Israel” labels on wines made in Israel’s West Bank settlements. Among other things, I expressed the view that lawyers should be required to devote significant amounts of time to...
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2019 Nov 30 - 4:30am
Yesterday, mere hours after retracting a claim (first reported by the Jerusalem Post) that “hundreds” of pro-Palestinian protesters had chanted “back to the ovens” to Jewish persons at York University, the Toronto Sun published an article by Joe Warmington which identifies, for the first time, two purported witnesses to the alleged incident. The ‘witnesses’ in question are Gila Yefet and Leora David. I will...
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2019 Nov 28 - 10:00am
An investigation has revealed that the only source for a Jerusalem Post story which falsely accused Palestinian solidarity activists of chanting “back to the ovens” at York University is a Canadian-Israeli member of a secretive Israeli military unit which specializes in targeted killings and kidnappings of Palestinians. The soldier’s name is Shar Leyb. He was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Leyb was quoted in a Jerusalem...
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2019 Nov 24 - 6:11am
On November 20, 2019, Herut Canada was met with a large protest by Palestinian solidarity activists when it held a presentation by former Israeli soldiers on the campus of York University. Herut Canada is the Canadian affiliate of Israel’s Herut Party. Herut was founded in 1948 by former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin as the political successor to Irgun, a Zionist paramilitary force which committed numerous atrocities, including...
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2019 Nov 13 - 11:38am
Today, the Israeli government’s worst fears were realized at the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The ECJ – the highest court in the European Union – ruled that products made in Israel’s illegal, West Bank settlements may not be labelled as “Product of Israel” and must disclose that they were produced in a West Bank settlement. The case was initiated in France by Psagot Winery Ltd. The winery is situated in the settlement of Psagot and,...
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2019 Nov 9 - 9:09pm
Shir Hever of The Real News reports that Psagot Winery from the occupied West Bank has hired a pricey lobbying firm to sow conflict between the Trump administration and the EU, in order to gain leverage in its legal battles to mislabel its wines as ‘products of Israel.’ As I explained to Shir, Psagot’s fraudulent labels are, in essence, a frontal assault on the international prohibition against the acquisition of territory by...
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2019 Nov 5 - 5:32am
For The Real News, I spoke with Todd Pagglia of Stand Earth and Alex Kaufman of HuffPost about Rex Tillerson’s dubious denial that #ExxonKnew:
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2019 Nov 1 - 1:53am
For The Real News Network, I spoke this week with Regan Boychuk of Reclaim Alberta about three recent audits of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). As Regan explains, these devastating audits have exposed the AER as a broken regulator which routinely ignores Alberta law, is rife with undisclosed conflicts of interest and has been captured by Big Oil:  
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