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2020 Feb 22 - 11:07am
New York Times reports on the defeat of the Waffle, 1971 -- Daily LIFT #133The New York Times reports (April 26, 1971) on the victory of the "moderate" David Lewis as leader of the NDP in Canada in 1971 after the "radicals showed unexpected strength". The "radicals" were the Waffle whose leadership candidate was James Laxer.Due to this show of  "unexpected strength" the craven Lewis clan, its allies and the party establishment engineered...
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2020 Feb 22 - 7:12am
Che addresses a meeting at the House of Unions, Moscow, June 1960 -- Che Photo #21Che was addressing a large audience at an event celebrating the new Soviet - Cuban friendship after the revolution. The House of Unions was run by the Moscow Council of Trade Unions in the Soviet era.From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the...
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2020 Feb 21 - 10:04pm
A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism.The world changing Manifesto of the Communist Party is widely believed to have been first published February 21, 1848.Read it at: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/ch01.htm"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles."Photo: Marx and Engels Statue, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
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2020 Feb 21 - 7:47am
Massive Communist Party rally around and on the Colosseum, Rome, 1945 -- Daily LIFT #132
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2020 Feb 21 - 6:34am
Che's last family photo, end of 1964 -- Che Photo #20Apparently the last known family photo of Che with his second wife Aleida March and their four kids.From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.
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2020 Feb 21 - 5:28am
Vintage Cookbook: Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen (New and Revised Edition) - Mrs. B. C. Howard Publication Details: Norman, Remington Co., Baltimore, 1913There is no question that this week's installment qualifies as "vintage"! Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen was first published in Baltimore in 1873 and was enormously popular in the United States at the time though early editions of it -- as well as the revised 1913 edition we are...
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2020 Feb 20 - 6:42am
Peace, Work, Happiness: Ceramic Panel, Ukrainian SSR, 1969 -- Daily LIFT #131Art that was at the Kiev Airport during the Soviet period.
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2020 Feb 20 - 6:06am
Che addresses the UN General Assembly, December, 1964 -- Che Photo #19A photo from when Che gave his famous speech to the  19th General Assembly in New York. Che denounced American imperialism and lies and length and quoted from the anti-imperialist Second Declaration of Havana.It is also remembered for such trenchant moments as when Che said:The United States intervenes in Latin America invoking the defense of free institutions....
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2020 Feb 19 - 11:55pm
V. I. Lenin SquarePublished in 1972, this packet of 18 particularly vivid photographs showed images of the Russian city of Stavropol which is south of Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd. At this time it was a rapidly growing administrative, cultural and industrial city with a population of around 250,000.Stavropol saw fighting during the Russian Civil War and was heavily damaged during the Second World War when it was occupied by the Germans in...
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2020 Feb 19 - 10:40am
May Day March, Toronto 1989 - Daily LIFT #130
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2020 Feb 19 - 8:59am
Che addresses the Punta del Este Conference, August 1961 -- Che Photo #18Che addresses the Organization of American States (OAS) Conference in Uruguay, 1961. At the conference the United States was already working to have Cuba expelled from the OAS which is was several months later.Che gave two fiery, famous speeches at the conference. From one of them comes this tremendous quote:The National General Assembly of the People of Cuba—...
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2020 Feb 18 - 10:48pm
Nathaniel Laxer returns with Episode 3 of his new podcast Hellworld.In this episode, he takes a look at the ongoing resistance in Canada to the invasion of Wet'suwet'en territory. Then he looks at the launch of the Bezos Earth Fund, the nature of billionaire "generosity" and the rubes that fall for it.If you missed it, the second episode, The Conservative leadership race: Den of really, truly, horrible people, took a deep dive into the 2020...
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