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2020 May 15 - 10:55am
Generals Chuikov & Gurov check the rifle of famed sniper Vassili Zaitsev at Stalingrad -- Daily LIFT #193Zaitsev, the most effective sniper of the battle that turned the tide against the Nazis, meets with Soviet generals during the battle.
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2020 May 15 - 9:04am
Vintage Cookbook: Recipes from a Greek Island, Susie JacobsPublication Details: Simon & Schuster, 1991The cookbook we are looking at today is like a love letter to Greece, Greek culture, the Greek islands and, of course, to Greek food. Written by Susie Jacobs, who moved to a Greek island and had been there for 15 years when she put the book together, it has over 100 recipes that reflect the cuisine and its ingredients and techniques that she...
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2020 May 14 - 10:39am
Fidel Castro and "La Pasionaria", January 1964 -- Daily LIFT #192Castro in conversation with Dolores Ibárruri, the heroic Spanish Communist leader also known as "La Pasionaria". During the Spanish Civil War she coined the battle cry “No pasarán! ” as well as famously saying during a speech that "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
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2020 May 14 - 12:23am
Two things are becoming clear at this critical moment in the western capitalist coronavirus crisis. One is that the capitalists and their governments want to "reopen the economy" as quickly as possible. The second is that this is incredibly dangerous for working people and the evidence is overwhelming that doing so is entirely about profits and greed.There is no particularly deep analysis required to show that these two things are true.Just a...
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2020 May 13 - 10:11am
May Day Rally, Philadelphia 1935 -- Daily LIFT #191
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2020 May 13 - 8:43am
On May 10, 2020, the parties of the European Communist Imitative held a teleconference with the theme "The struggle of the communist and workers' parties in the conditions of the pandemic and the new capitalist crisis".As the conference was held at the initiative of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) the party's General Secretary gave an important and rousing opening statement.After the teleconference a joint statement was issued by all the...
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2020 May 13 - 1:26am
When people think of making a "perfect" melted cheese sandwich they generally look to various grilled cheese techniques and ingredients. Today, however, I want to look at a way of making a melted cheese "croque monsieur" style bit of greatness that is broiled instead of fried.There are an enormous number of variations of this that can be done and we will touch on some of them at the end, but here we are using an English muffin, ham and cheddar...
2020 May 12 - 10:47am
The Pedestal Magazine Cover, May 1970 -- Daily LIFT #190On Mother's Day 50 years ago hundreds of women marched in Ottawa to fight for abortion rights and protest Canada's existing abortion laws. The Pedestal, a leftist women's liberation magazine, devoted much of their May issue that year to it.You can learn more about this at this CBC report on the 50th anniversary of it: Canada's Abortion Caravan: Looking back at a historic reproductive...
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2020 May 11 - 10:39am
Karl Marx, poster Azerbaijan SSR 1920 -- Daily LIFT #189
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2020 May 11 - 2:45am
This week's roundup of articles, news items, visuals and opinion pieces that I see as a must if you are looking for a roundup that should be of interest to The Left Chapter readers.This list covers the week of  May 3 - 10.This week's edition begins again with a very large roundup of news and left opinion about the capitalist coronavirus crisis and its impact on working people globally. There are also roundups about the failed mercenary...
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2020 May 10 - 9:53am
Red Army Soldiers Throw Nazi Banners to the Ground, Moscow, June 24, 1945 -- Daily LIFT #188At the end of the first Victory Day parade in Moscow in celebration of the defeat of the Nazis, Red Army soldiers threw the banners of Nazi regiments to the ground outside of Lenin's mausoleum in Red Square. The soldiers all wore gloves so that they would not actually have to touch the banners.Today is the 75th anniversary of the USSR accepting the...
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2020 May 10 - 3:27am
Written 20 years after the end of the war, this is a thrilling eyewitness account of the battle for the Reichstag in the final days of the Red Army's victory in Berlin. Its author was Vassily Subbotin who was a 24 year old lieutenant. Subbotin's father was killed in action earlier in the war in fighting in Ukraine.The account opens with a prose poem, The Road, and then tells of the confused fighting, the terrible deaths with the war just days...
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