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2020 Aug 8 - 5:55pm
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2020 Aug 8 - 2:29pm
Col. Larry Wilkerson explains that China and the U.S. must work together on the climate crisis, but the militaries and security states on both sides make that impossible.
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2020 Aug 8 - 1:00am
Covid in TN, NC, AL, AL, and IL ~ Party on ~ School reopening ~ Biden's foreign policy team ~ Biden's Republican Hispanic whisperer ~ Biden's Corvette ~ A second Civil War ~ Employment situation ~ Adam Tooze ~ Hydroxychloroquine ~ Covid, sleep, and music ~ "Officer-involved shooting" deprecated
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2020 Aug 7 - 8:55pm
On the political forces that lead governments to minimize pandemic risks and costs and cheerlead faint signs of hope.
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2020 Aug 7 - 5:55pm
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2020 Aug 7 - 1:00am
COVID round the world and in US regions ~ Party on! ~ Biden Corvette ad (good) ~ Biden fundraising, ad spend ~ Jamaal Bowman lets the cat out of the bag ~ Employment, rail, household debt ~ Southwest ~ Chickens and teargas ~ Abolishing race ~ Employment in DC vs. New York ~ Sid!
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2020 Aug 6 - 4:24pm
A clever and disconcerting analysis shows how much big indoor gatherings boosted Covid-19 deaths.
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2020 Aug 6 - 4:08pm
Financial regulators still don't like to tame bubbles even after seeing how costly it is when they go boom. Shame, that.
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