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2020 Nov 18 - 8:30am
COVID-19 provides a chance to reassess our relationship with flying, a major source of global emissions.
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2020 Nov 18 - 2:00am
~ Today's Water Cooler ~
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2020 Nov 17 - 9:55pm
The odious Mitch McConnell bears much respomsimility for the flawed U.S. COVID1-19 response, as well as the inadeuate stmulus.
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2020 Nov 17 - 6:57pm
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2020 Nov 17 - 5:44pm
UK councils were already in trouble due to austerity, inflated charges for services, and mismanagement. Covid is set to generate bankruptcies
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2020 Nov 17 - 5:35pm
The COVID-19 crisis may worsen inequality and push more than 70 million people into extreme poverty, according to the United Nations.
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2020 Nov 17 - 2:00am
By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Patient readers, I got wrapped around the axle with a technical issue. More from the Augean stables soon. –lambert UPDATE All done1 Bird Song of the Day #COVID19 At reader request, I’ve added this daily chart from 91-DIVOC. The data is the Johns Hopkins CSSE data. Here is the site. […]
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2020 Nov 17 - 1:55am
Absent immediate and drastic action to limit plastics use, global emissions will increase as incineration is used for waste disposal.
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2020 Nov 16 - 6:57pm
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2020 Nov 16 - 5:56pm
CalPERS defied its board by staking a startup fund with a cool $1.5 billion without approval. And on top of that, the deal looks lame.
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2020 Nov 9 - 3:55am
The two major exit poll vendors, their methodological challenges, why we don't know which is more trustworthy, and a plea for reporting by humans about humans
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2020 Nov 8 - 6:55pm
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