2020 Jul 14 (All day)
First published on The Bernicean, the below statement is allegedly from a senior consultant working for the NHS in a hospital in Surrey. Although we cannot verify his or her identity, we still think our readers should see it 1) because it dovetails with other verified reports, and 2) if it is what it alleges …
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2020 Jul 13 - 5:00am
Colin Todhunter Some might ask why India is in complete lockstep with global lockdown despite the very low COVID19-related mortality figures for 1.3 billion people. Embedded above is a two-hour interview with investigative journalist Kapil Bajaj. It focuses on the Public Health Foundation of India and how the Gates Foundation-pharma cabal bought influence, embedded itself …
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2020 Jul 12 - 4:00am
Kevin Smith With the recent non-stop coverage of the race-related disturbances, media debates on slavery, statues and racial prejudice, some readers might be inclined not to read on. Over a year ago I recall the collective groan around our office when it was announced we were all to attend a training course on diversity and …
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2020 Jul 11 - 10:00am
Grigory Trofimchuk Despite the statements of the US President D. Trump on the need for an early withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, the interest of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the industrial complex in maintaining a military presence in this country is obvious. We are talking about the use of American financial aid …
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2020 Jul 11 - 5:00am
Renée Parsons If given the choice between maintaining a toxic world of fear, pollution and violence controlled by the State or a society of prosperity and compassion based on freedom and individual rights, there is little doubt that the majority of Americans would want the old paradigm of synthetic events to take a hike; except …
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2020 Jul 10 - 10:00am
The neocon dogma pushed onto liberals by never-Trump Republicans did its job. Partisan liberals are parroting the line of the CIA. The attempt to sabotage talks with the Taliban and prevent troop withdrawals from Afghanistan worked. "The Resistance" just helped push the continued occupation of Afghanistan to score cheap political points. The CIA thanks them for their “patriotism.”
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2020 Jul 10 - 4:00am
Iain Davis The people of Leicester are confused. Relieved business owners have been given virtually no notice at all that they need to shut down again, plunging them back into stress and anxiety; sports events that were set to go ahead have been postponed and people who were looking forward to restarting some form of restricted, …
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2020 Jul 9 (All day)
International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, looks at how Bill Gates now influences every aspect of our lives and explains how Gates has used his vast wealth to give him extraordinary power over public health policies. For more unbiased information about other important issues, please visit his website. The transcripts of …
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2020 Jul 8 - 10:00am
Hassan Mansour During his visit to Tripoli July 4th Turkey’s defense minister Hulusi Akar signed an agreement on military cooperation with the representatives of the Government of National Accord (GNA). The signature was held behind the closed doors, but the few details that were leaked to the media are enough to conclude that the GNA …
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2020 Jul 8 - 8:00am
Our OffG email is undergoing a (lengthy) temporary glitch. So we have decided to turn it off and use a temporary all purpose gmail address until we have the issues resolved. So, if you need to contact us or want to send a submission use this email address until further notice: Apologies to all …
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2020 Jul 7 - 9:00am
JB Handley Why did politicians ever lockdown society in the first place? Can we all agree that the stated purpose was to “flatten the curve” so our hospital system could handle the inevitable COVID-19 patients who needed care? At that point, at least, back in early March, people were behaving rationally. They accepted that you …
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2020 Jul 6 - 9:00pm
Michael Lesher COVID19, that ersatz apocalypse, has never come anywhere close to killing the two million Americans we were solemnly assured might succumb to it a few months ago. But, judging from the state of things on this year’s Independence Day, I’m afraid its propagandists in government and mass media may have actually done worse …
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