2019 Dec 8 - 9:00pm
Binoy Kampmark Summit anniversaries are not usually this abysmally interesting.  While those paying visits to Watford, England on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation are supposedly signatories to the same agreement, a casual glance would have suggested otherwise.  This was a show of some bickering. France, never the most …
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2019 Dec 8 - 9:00am
Andre Vltchek Good bye, Lebanon, metaphorically and truly. Good bye to a country which, many believe, actually has already ceased to exist. For five long years I have been commuting between the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. And Beirut, for all that time, was one of my homes. I arrived in Beirut when the …
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2019 Dec 7 - 10:00pm
Last week Jeremy Corbyn unveiled dozens of leaked documents. Documents showing that Boris Johnson - and the Tories in general - are lying when they say there are no plans to open up the NHS to US trade. This means, not only that the NHS is in danger of further privatisation and/or ruinously expensive deals with American Big Pharma, but that the Prime Minister and many other Tory MPs (and Donald Trump) have been caught out in a deliberate lie. A...
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2019 Dec 7 - 5:00am
Consider this a catch-all discussion thread on the UK General Election 2019. A few readers have been asking in email and in the comments why we aren’t running daily campaign updates on this, ‘the most important election in decades’, or ‘the most important election of the century’, or since time began or whatever hyperbolic descriptive …
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2019 Dec 6 - 9:00pm
Lucy Komisar Two years after I wrote the first exposé of fraudster William Browder and his Magnitsky hoax published in the West, by the investigative website 100Reporters, and after growing social media and some alternative media reports about his fabrications, a major western publication, the German Der Spiegel, has run a story by Benjamin Bidder, …
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2019 Dec 6 - 11:00am
Bill Martin Dear Off Guardian readers, Warm greetings, my name is Bill Martin. You can read a little about me at the end of this article. I have been writing about the Trump phenomenon and related matters since March 2016, at Increasingly, I have found myself out of step with most of what is …
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2019 Dec 5 - 10:00am
Renée Parsons There were two especially notable testimonys made during the recent House impeachment inquiry that should have been ‘nothing to see here folks, let’s move on’ except that The Grand Poo-bah of the Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff, haughty in his own insecurity and full of his usual self-regard, bugging his eyes in anticipation, …
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2019 Dec 4 - 12:00pm
Frank Speaker Our western world today took another step towards an Orwellian, dystopian future. Like most of us here at Off-Guardian, I’ve previously been moderated, pre-moderated, and once banned from ‘The Guardian Of The Establishment’ (TGOTE) newspaper. I came back a couple of years ago with a new alias, mainly to read and comment upon …
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2019 Dec 3 - 12:00pm
Colin Todhunter The UK-based Independent online newspaper recently published an article about a potential link between air pollution from vehicles and glaucoma. It stated that according to a new study air pollution is linked to the eye condition that causes blindness. The report explained that researchers had looked at vision tests carried out on more …
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2019 Dec 2 - 10:00pm
Eric Zuesse With every passing day, it becomes clearer that the military coup in Bolivia on November 10th was masterminded in Washington DC. This reality will create yet a new difficulty in relations between the U.S. regime and Mexico to its direct south, because the Mexican Government, under progressive President Lopez Obrador, took the courageous …
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2019 Dec 2 - 10:00am
The final, official story of the London Bridge attack is beginning to take shape. More information is coming together all the time, the very efficiently edited Wikipedia page for Fishmongers Hall already has a short section dedicated to events of the two days ago. Here is what we know so far: The Alleged Attacker His …
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2019 Dec 2 - 1:00am
When the powers who control mainstream media don't want to talk about something, it doesn't get talked about. When the mainstream media is talking about something it's for one reason and one reason only - somewhere, somehow an agenda is being served. What's the agenda being served here? It's impossible for to know for sure at this stage, but more than likely it's a simple distraction.
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