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2020 Aug 9 - 2:28pm
Salvation can be messy. I believe this with all my heart and so I state it at the outset of this article. As such, it marks me as a heretic in Modernity. I not only believe that salvation is messy – I believe that messiness is pretty much inherent to […]
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2020 Aug 8 - 7:59pm
Silencing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul was a feat of primeval brutality that sent a shudder through even the most hardened officials. The House of Saud, and in particular certain members of it, had gotten a taste for blood. Soon after Khashoggi’s slicing and dicing in the Saudi consulate […]
Tags: Anglosphere, Anti-Human Rights, Canada, Middle East, jamal khashoggi, Mohammed bin Salman
2020 Aug 8 - 12:55pm
The commencement of the lame duck period of the Donald Trump presidency is marked by the departure of two high-ranking officials of the US state department in the last two days. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a surprise announcement on Thursday that the US Special Representative for Iran Brian […]
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2020 Aug 7 - 7:55pm
On 21 July, the US Air Force published its Arctic Strategy. The release of the document itself is a first, since the Arctic has never been a separate area of focus for the US Air Force. The Defense Department’s 2019 Arctic Strategy contained a vision of the Arctic as a […]
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2020 Aug 7 - 12:45pm
Trump’s ultimatum that Microsoft and ByteDance have until 15 September to work out a deal on TikTok’s US operations or the popular video-sharing app will be banned under national security pretexts represents a new sanctions model that incorporates a combination of strong-armed robbery and economic fascism given the immense pressure […]
Tags: China, Hybrid Wars, Information Warfare, United States, Microsoft, social media
2020 Aug 7 - 12:38am
Silicon Valley continues to sprawl in influence, and its modern robber barons bestride the globe with a confidence verging on contempt. The technology giants that mark that region of California are praised as “virtuosos of ingenuity,” to use Steve Forbes’ words, “creating and supplying products and services that were once […]
Tags: Anti-Human Rights, Information Warfare, United States, amazon, apple, Big Tech
2020 Aug 6 - 12:53pm
Part I Why and when the mediations? A theoretical approach and practical experiences It is known from the theories of diplomacy and conflict resolutions that in principle conflicting parties are willing to start to resolve their differences when they are ready to forego unilateral means for attaining a settlement favorable […]
Tags: Caucasus, Cold War 2.0, Eurasian Union, Europe, Iran, Russia
2020 Aug 5 - 8:10pm
The history of Iran in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries corresponds neither to the image that Westerners have of it, nor to the image that the official discourse of Iranians gives of it. Historically linked to China and for the past two centuries fascinated by the United States, Iran is struggling between the memory of its imperial past and the liberating dream of Rouhollah Khomeiny.
Tags: China, Iran, Iranian Dilemma, United Kingdom, United States, Ali Khamenei
2020 Aug 5 - 12:51pm
Being in control of a sinking ship is not enviable.  Regulations previously passed have a museum feel to them, distinctly obsolete.  Directions, once dictated with confidence, lack timbre.  Coronavirus is serving as that most wily and cheeky of agents, with the most appropriate of accomplices: Homo sapiens.  Human beings are […]
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2020 Aug 4 - 8:42pm
The Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration Condoleeza Rice once described Belarus as “the last true remaining dictatorship in the heart of Europe.” She held out the assurance that it was “time for change to come to Belarus.” That was during her visit to next-door Lithuania in […]
Tags: Cold War 2.0, Europe, Hybrid Wars, Russia, United States, Alexander Lukashenko
2020 Aug 4 - 12:54pm
Poland’s ambitions to restore its long-lost Great Power status in Europe received a fresh impetus following the establishment of the so-called “Lublin Triangle” between itself, Lithuania, and Ukraine that de-facto aims to revive the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as the core of the Warsaw-led Three Seas Initiative, which is poised to create […]
Tags: 'The Others' Alliances, Cold War 2.0, Eurasian Union, Europe, Hybrid Wars, Information Warfare
2020 Aug 3 - 8:30pm
Part I Toward the Albanian nation-state The Albanian people, already faced with major difficulties in the process of building a modern (European) society, were even more affected by the division in the spiritual, political, confessional, and cultural aspects. During the period of the Albanian national movement – Rilindja, 1878−1912 – […]
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