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2020 Feb 22 - 1:01pm
The Chinese Foreign Minister and American Secretary of State shared contrasting visions of International Relations during their keynotes speeches at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend. Mike Pompeo preached that “the West is winning“, and by the “West”, he elaborated that he means “any nation that adopts a model […]
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2020 Feb 21 - 7:53pm
The annual Munich Security Conference last week (February 14-16) turned out to be an iconic event, drawing comparison with the one held in the same Bavarian city on February 10, 2007 where in a prophetic speech Russian President Vladimir Putin had criticised the world order characterised by the United States’ […]
Tags: 'The Others' Alliances, Cold War 2.0, Europe, France, Germany, Global Meltdown
2020 Feb 21 - 12:51pm
The central pillar to Democratic paranoia and vengefulness regarding the loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016 was the link between Russian hacking, the servers of the Democratic National Committee and the release of emails via WikiLeaks.  Over time, that account has become a matter of hagiography, an article of faith, […]
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2020 Feb 20 - 8:15pm
Moscow has taken with a pinch of salt Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s statement on Wednesday that a Turkish incursion into the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib is imminent. Objectively speaking, Erdogan should be out of his mind to order a military offensive against the Syrian and Russian forces in Idlib. […]
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2020 Feb 20 - 12:44pm
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is on his maiden 4-day trip to Pakistan, at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) on 17 February 2020 (Monday) termed the improved security situation of Pakistan as Pakistan’s transformation from terrorism to tourism “absolutely remarkable”, noting that Islamabad, which looked like a […]
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2020 Feb 19 - 9:04pm
The Christian Orthodox Serbs are already everyday protesting in the form of extremely peaceful liturgical processions in NATO’s member Montenegro against newly proposed and introduced the law on religious communities in this small Balkan and Adriatic country. The protests are headed by the Montenegrin branch of the Serbian Orthodox Church […]
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2020 Feb 19 - 12:57pm
Mikhail Bakunin, in that charming anarchist tradition, regarded the state as an evil to be done away with.  Such collective formations were criminal, oppressive, eviscerating to the individual.  The corporation might be regarded as a similar collective, adopting and aping elements of the state with, in some cases, greater latitude […]
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2020 Feb 18 - 8:16pm
President Trump will spend the last year of his first term in office bringing the Boys home. All U.S. troops stationed in the broader Middle East and Africa are expected to withdraw. However, this withdrawal of troops will in no way mean the end of US governance in these regions […]
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2020 Feb 18 - 12:58pm
A note of fraternal tension has been registered between the United Kingdom and Australia.  It began with Britain’s decision to permit China’s technology giant Huawei a role in the construction of the country’s 5G network.  While the decision is qualified to non-core functions, as UK officials term it, the irritations […]
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2020 Feb 17 - 8:36pm
The External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar chose the annual Munich Security Conference (February 14-16) as the forum to espouse a world order characterised by nationalism that is legally legitimate, constructive and vocal. It was intended probably as an optimal diplomatic outreach to burnish the image of India’s Hindu nationalist government […]
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2020 Feb 17 - 12:52pm
Interfering, corrupting and altering the views of electors is apparently frowned upon. But it all depends on who that manipulating source is. The Russians might be condemned for being meddlers of minds in the US electorate, but an American billionaire who hires battalions of influencing agents to get his word […]
Tags: United States, elections, USA interference
2020 Feb 16 - 2:27pm
Fr. Georges Florovsky did far more than forge a path back to the fathers for the Orthodox Church: he also mapped a route for the return of Western Christianity to its own Orthodox roots. Discussing the modern encounter of Orthodoxy with the churches of the West, he wrote: A historiosophical […]
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