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2019 Dec 9 - 8:00pm
Gary D. BARNETT Those who knowingly conspire with evil are evil themselves, and because this truth is irrefutable, hiding behind the false mask of exceptionalism only deepens that evil. Conspiracy to commit evil abounds, but some partnerships seem to have sprung out of the bowels of the nether world. One such union is that of the United States and Saudi Arabia, an alliance based only on greed, murder, and power. Attempting to understand the...
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2019 Dec 9 - 7:00pm
Kamala Harris’s decision to drop out of the Democratic race is a victory for another candidate who supposedly has no chance of winning and shouldn’t even be on the same stage with the real contenders. But Tulsi Gabbard’s demolition job on poor Kamala shows why a well-aimed ideological thrust is more important than any number of silly opinion polls telling experts what they want to hear. Just ask the New York Times. In a major front-page takeout...
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2019 Dec 9 - 6:00pm
Days before Britain’s historic election, the UK’s military-intelligence apparatus is turning to the corporate media and US government-funded NATO cut-outs to smear Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with evidence-free Russiagate allegations. Ben NORTON, Max BLUMENTHAL The popular socialist leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, could be on the verge of becoming prime minister of the United Kingdom. And the mere possibility is terrifying...
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2019 Dec 9 - 5:00pm
“This is a historic opportunity”, whispered one of Netanyahu’s insiders into Ben Caspit (a leading Israeli journalist)’s ear this week: “You have no idea what we can wheedle from the Americans now, what a golden opportunity we face when the US is about to enter an election year”. “Bunker busters”, he mutters to Caspit, who elaborates that: “According to members of Netanyahu’s inner circle, these bombs will be given to Israel once it signs the...
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2019 Dec 8 - 8:10pm
“Old Age,” the great French President Charles De Gaulle famously said, “is a shipwreck.” We should certainly feel that way about the 70th birthday celebrations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – the most venerable security alliance and organization in the world. The London Summit made it clear to the whole world: NATO at 70 has become a global joke. NATO does not strengthen the defensive capabilities of its members against real threats...
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2019 Dec 8 - 8:00pm
In and around La Paz, middle class Bolivians have fallen under the spell of the junta’s propaganda campaign against Evo and his supporters. And with a presidential election looming, the country’s elites are battling for power. Wyatt REED As a US-backed military coup seized power from Bolivia’s first indigenous president, Bolivia appeared set for a prolonged political struggle between outraged citizens and the putschists. But just weeks later,...
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2019 Dec 8 - 6:00pm
Eric MARGOLIS Citizens of France. To arms! Man the ramparts. The American barbarians are coming.They shall not pass! Le Trump’s threat to France’s splendid wines and Roquefort cheese are the gravest menace France has faced since the Germans invaded this fair land in 1914. Burgundy wines and France’s 300 fromages form the very soul of la Belle France. Trump does not know or care that France saved America from British mis-rule. ...
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2019 Dec 8 - 5:00pm
For all of 2019 December has been a magnet. A number of major geopolitical issues come to head this month and many of them have everything to do with energy. This is the month that Russian gas giant Gazprom was due to finish production on three major pipeline projects – Nordstream 2, Turkstream and Power of Siberia. Power of Siberia is here. It’s finished. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping christened the pipeline to...
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2019 Dec 7 - 8:00pm
Western mass media have continued their conspiracy of silence on the OPCW scandal, making no significant mention yet this month of the leaks which have been emerging from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons indicating that the US, France and UK bombed Syria last year in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack which probably never occurred, and that OPCW leadership helped cover it up. If you haven’t been following the still...
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2019 Dec 7 - 8:00pm
Does NATO have a place in the 21st century or is it time to call it quits?
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2019 Dec 7 - 7:00pm
Three years since Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro died at age 90 of natural causes, the Cuban Revolution has withstood ongoing destabilisation efforts to turn the island once again into an imperialist playground. Indeed, as Latin American countries grapple with the ramifications of historical and current US intervention, Cuba has steadfastly held on to the principles which Fidel imparted to the Cuban people throughout the revolutionary...
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2019 Dec 7 - 6:00pm
Conor LYNCH For better or worse, New York City has produced some of the biggest names in contemporary U.S. politics. From President Donald Trump and his conspirator-in-corruption Rudy Giuliani, all the way to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (the latter has spent most of his life in Vermont, of course, but is a New Yorker to the core), politicians from across the political aisle have hailed from the Big Apple. And if there...
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