Let's kick us some darkness! Let's make it bleed!

Hello!! Glad you could drop by for a visit.

What's this all about, you might well ask.

You may have noticed the old, US-led world "order" is collapsing under its own weight, greed, and hyprocrisy, and a new one is struggling to take its place. That is, of course, if we don't all get blown to Kingdom Come in the process, and those that survive (hopefully not me!) are condemned to live through/die from nuclear winter.

That gloom and doom aside, this web-site as a source of information and entertainment for those who want, like me, despite what may seem like overwhelming odds, to be a positive part of the new order. It's going to be a long haul, but, providing we can maintain our access to the wonderful new media that have sprung up over the last twenty years or so, it's a doable, and very worthwhile, project. Your grandkids may thank us!

Don't shoot your wad concentrating on the next election. As they say: If elections could change anything, they wouldn't let us vote. We need to build a vast, anti-war, anti-inequality, pro-people movement to replace the, let's face it, pretty pathetic parties we have representing us now. If it means replacing capitalism with something better (and it does!), so be it.

I just hope it happens before humans have driven themselves to extinction.

Lots of damned good reading from alternate media in the "News readin'" section. Some you won't like much—just like I don't—but there's sources of information that are a curious mixture of good and horrible.

* * * * *

But there's some fun on this site as well as all the doom, gloom, and hope. First, I've shared hundreds of my photographs from Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam, Cambodia, and even some from Canada. You might like a few.

Also, I've shared the recipes I used to use when I wasn't such a bad cook. Some will knock your freaking socks off. Enjoy!

The photos at the top of this page are from my travels in Asia. Except the tiger; it's not mine, but it is a great freaking tiger.