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Tired of living in a messaging environment where you just know they're all lying to you? Where they're saying they're taking something "very seriously," but it's obvious enough they're not? (See "Seriously folks!")

Problem is, most public relations (read, "corporate public relations") is aimed at the lowest common denominator. PR flacks are supposed to write for those with grade 6 English skills.

Progressive organizations shouldn't aim so low. Our members and publics are intelligent and thoughtful, and have the right to be addressed that way. They need to be told the whole truth—they can usually sense when you're zooming them.

Want to get your message across in a way that strikes your publics as reliable, true, and trustworthy, because it is? That's our specialty. Tell the truth, and win! Or at least tell the truth, and let your publics exercise their right to make intelligent decisions.


Brian Robinson Public Relations
104 Hiawatha Road
Toronto M4L 2X8
(in Cambodia)

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