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Who the heck is Brian?

For thirteen years Brian was the Communications Officer for the Society of Energy Professionals. Given the turmoil in the electricity industry in Ontario, he was active in nurturing their reputation as a reliable source for information about the industry, where it's going, and how best to ensure Ontarians continue to benefit from affordable, reliable, safe electricity. And, not to put too fine a point on it, their primary function was to ensure the professional employees in the industry continue to enjoy rewarding careers, decent working conditions, and secure retirements. Here are some of the campaigns Brian was involved in:

  • In 2004 the Society was active in the debate around the McGuinty government's Bill 100, an act that changed how electricity generation is procured in Ontario, and set Ontarians up for some pretty expensive electricity. Can't say we didn't tell 'em so.
  • In 2005 the Society carried out a successful strike at Hydro One, fighting off an attempt by their swaggering caudillo of a CEO to implement two-tier wages, benefits, and pensions for Ontario's future energy professionals. In the end, Premier McGuinty was persuaded to appoint an arbitrator.
  • In 2008-9 the Society successfully campaigned against a move by Paris-based Capgemini to offshore more than 200 of our members' jobs to India and Poland. Not that there's anything wrong with people in Bangalore—we just didn't think it a good idea for them to be involved in operating nuclear plant in Ontario.

Campaigns such as these are always very much a group effort, and I'm claiming no more than my share of the credit. Brian played key roles in designing and delivering the messaging to our publics.

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