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In early 2012, I spent a few months travelling around Australia and Southeast Asia—Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and several weeks in Viet Nam. Viet Nam is a special place for me. First, I wasn't sent there during the US invasion, so I was able to go with clean hands. Second, the resistance of the Vietnamese people to domination by many powers—China, Japan, France, and the US—was, and continues to be, heroic. (I agree they have their problems.) Will they be able to resist the most powerful force in history, capitalism? Remains to be seen.

I wrote several weblog postings about my experiences there, and published some photos. Even though by now they're pretty old, they might be of interest to people who are planning a trip to that part of the world. I especially recommend "My week in Hà Nội," quite the adventure, which has received many favourable comments.

Just for old times sake, I've left this section in the format / colour scheme of the first eight years of this site. Enjoy!

Airport's not bad...

Made the mistake of arriving at the airport when my travel agent advised. Sailed through baggage check-in, and left myself with 2 3/4 hours left before boarding.

First travel victory? Managed to commandeer a hydro plug in the lounge...


Yow! 15 hours on a plane, and that only counts the time in the air.

The good news is, after a brief three-hour leg-stretch in the Hong Kong airport, there's only nine hours in the air left! (I think.) ...

Sydney, first day

After another 9-hour red-eye flight, I arrived in Sydney around 11am January 18th. I'm now 16 hours ahead of Toronto. My instructions from the place I had arranged to stay were to phone them and they'd arrange for a shuttle to come pick me up.

Since I'd removed my Rogers SIM card from my Blackberry and turned it off (the better to avoid very expensive roaming charges!), my only choice was to find a pay phone to call.

Trekking round Sydney

Weather reports say it's going to start raining, and the rain will last the rest of the week.

Thinking I didn't have much time, I hit the road before 7 this am, and took a trek through Hyde Park, the Royal Botanical Gardens, past the Opera House, and then to Circular Quay, all before breakfast.

Last day in Sydney (for now)

Did I mention that Australia's really freaking expensive?

The last couple of days I've spent a certain amount of time dealing with a logistical matter—mailing my corduroy sportjacket back home. I HAD to have it on Monday, January 16th on my way to the airport, as it was -5 degrees C. But for the rest of my trip temperatures will be hovering around 30 degrees C, and corduroy definitely won't be necessary. So I found a post office...

Melbourne with the Massons

Arrived at Sydney's airport Sunday morning around 6am to the most incredible crush of people I've ever seen at an airport.

Good thing I had arranged for my boarding pass online, just to have an incredibly convenient airport experience. Trouble was, the line to leave one's bags was almost a km long...

Two days in St Kilda

On Tuesday Rod's son Harry and father Ken kindly drove me into Melbourne proper to a beach community called St Kilda.

I've arranged places to stay in Melbourne and Adelaide through, a kind of worldwide dating site for travellers and rooms.

Three days in South Australia

After an uneventful flight from Melbourne, I found myself in Adelaide, in South Australia, in the centre of Australia on the south coast.

Checked in with Peter and Suzy George, in their modernist house just off Henley Beach, west of Adelaide proper. My accommodations were spacious...

Making the most of my last days in Oz

I arrived back in Sydney on Sunday morning with the following priorities:

  • See if I could get camera fixed
  • See the Picasso exhibit at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, etc.

No photos for now

The internet in my hotel in Bangkok—the Sawasdee Khaosan Inn—has been iffy at best, and the employees there don't see it as much of a problem for them. So until that changes, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to update my photo galleries.

I need an ftp client to do so, and most internet cafes won't let you do that. So till then...


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