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In early 2012, I spent a few months travelling around Australia and Southeast Asia—Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and several weeks in Viet Nam. Viet Nam is a special place for me. First, I didn't go there during the US invasion, so I'm able to go with clean hands. Second, the resistance of the Vietnamese people to domination by many powers—China, Japan, France, and the US—was, and continues to be, heroic. (I agree they have their problems.) Will they be able to resist the most powerful force in history, capitalism? Remains to be seen.

I wrote several weblog postings about my experiences there, and published some photos. I'll leave them here for awhile, just in case anyone's interested. I especially recommend "My week in Ha Noi," which has received many favourable comments.

Recently my spouse Margaret and I spent a couple of weeks in magical Newfoundland. Photos, but no blogging, which is a solo endeavour.

My week in Ha Noi

Landing in Ha Noi was a bit of a shock. From 34C in Bangkok to 14C in the Socialist Republic was quite a change in temperature over 1.5 hours. Fortunately, my ride to the hotel met me at the arrivals area and I didn't have to shiver for too long.

(I don't know if this is socialism in action, but it could be...

Bangkok weekend

I flew back to Bangkok on February 24th to spend the weekend before heading to Hanoi. I planned for it to be largely uneventful—restful, if possible. And so it was. Dinner, beer, music, rest. Except...

Farewell to Chiangmai

A highlight of my third week in Chiangmai was the visit of Wanissa, a very good friend of MF.

Wanissa is a radiological technician at a hospital in Rayong, an industrial city in central Thailand a couple of hours east of Bangkok. She's been there for three years...

A second week in Chiangmai and environs

There is a deep pall over Chiangmai the last few days, a smoke so pervasive you can't see the mountain that towers over the city. If you go up the mountain, you'll reach a "view spot," the sign for which should read, "Another place you can't see anything."

Maybe photographers have taken photographs of Chiangmai in the past—it's a fascinating city, once the seat of the Lanna Kingdom, one of the three kingdoms that joined to make Siam. But ...

Chiangmai observations

I've posted some photos from my second week in Chiangmai, but haven't finished the weblog posting from that time period as yet. It's proving fairly difficult to write, because it deals with some disturbing subject matter that may well have repercussions for people who will continue to live in Chiangmai long after I'm gone. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.

In the meantime, some random observations:

One week in Chiangmai

It's been quite a week, often too busy to pay attention to the need to blog. Mostly I've been in deep training to become a better motorcycle rider, which requires a lot of driving on lots of curvy roads. More on that later.

I arrived at Chiangmai airport around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 5th. I was in Chiangmai to meet my friend...

Bangkok: Mostly business, not pleasure

My next big Bangkok adventure (provided you've got a low threshhold for adventure) was to find my way to the building that houses Nikon's sales and service centre for all of Thailand.

Bangkok photos finally posted

Finally worked through Bangkok/Chiangmai internet imbroglios, and posted my photos from Bangkok (mercifully few, since one of my tasks in Bangkok was to arrange for repairs to my camera).

Some are actually good, and you won't want to miss the biggest freakin' lizard you've ever seen in a city!

Culture shock in Bangkok

Nine hours in the air to Hong Kong, and then a mad rush through the HK "transfers" area.

Arrived at the transfer zone just as about 500 Asians arrived from a flight from somewhere, so I ended up at the end of quite the line-up. But it snaked around quite nicely...

No photos for now

The internet in my hotel in Bangkok—the Sawasdee Khaosan Inn—has been iffy at best, and the employees there don't see it as much of a problem for them. So until that changes, it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to update my photo galleries.

I need an ftp client to do so, and most internet cafes won't let you do that. So till then...


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