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In early 2012, I spent a few months travelling around Australia and Southeast Asia—Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and several weeks in Viet Nam. Viet Nam is a special place for me. First, I didn't go there during the US invasion, so I'm able to go with clean hands. Second, the resistance of the Vietnamese people to domination by many powers—China, Japan, France, and the US—was, and continues to be, heroic. (I agree they have their problems.) Will they be able to resist the most powerful force in history, capitalism? Remains to be seen.

I wrote several weblog postings about my experiences there, and published some photos. I'll leave them here for awhile, just in case anyone's interested. I especially recommend "My week in Ha Noi," which has received many favourable comments.

Recently my spouse Margaret and I spent a couple of weeks in magical Newfoundland. Photos, but no blogging, which is a solo endeavour.


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