Toronto: Vote for Tory, kowtow to the wealthy

Brian Tue, 2014-10-21 15:30

A vote for John Tory is a vote to continue the long tradition of citizen subservience to the Canadian moneyed classes. Is there anyone in Toronto more a scion of the wealthy than Mr. Tory?


Brian Tue, 2012-01-17 19:12

Yow! 15 hours on a plane, and that only counts the time in the air.

The good news is, after a brief three-hour leg-stretch in the Hong Kong airport, there's only nine hours in the air left! (I think.) ...

Airport's not bad...

Brian Tue, 2012-01-17 00:56

Made the mistake of arriving at the airport when my travel agent advised. Sailed through baggage check-in, and left myself with 2 3/4 hours left before boarding.

First travel victory? Managed to commandeer a hydro plug in the lounge...

Triple the number of bicycles on Toronto's streets? Brrrrr!

Brian Fri, 2011-10-14 08:43

You can't beat foresight when engaged in strategic planning.

Being able to do thought experiments about the consequences of adopting a strategy or tactic is crucial to one's ability to handle those consequences. That can be true even when your strategy is successful.