Rape culture? Ya think?

Brian Sat, 2019-08-31 14:53

Recently I settled down to take in a movie recommended by a friend.

It turned out to be one of those pics examining the life and relationships of a vicious rapist-murderer. Not exactly a subject I'm interested in.

But I hadn't anything else to do, so I watched.

Eight of Psychokiller's victims, with names and ages

Accusations of "rape as a weapon of war" as a weapon of war

Brian Fri, 2011-06-17 11:00

Here's a letter I wrote to NDP leaders shortly after they voted to approve extending the war in Libya. (Someone who used to be a colleague at my workplace got himself elected to Parliament recently. I'm sure he didn't think he'd be a pro-war voter within weeks of the election!)

I must say I was taken aback by the NDP's voting for more war in Libya. And I'm sure you think it was a big victory that you got some kind of a promise from the Harperites to prosecute "rape used as a weapon of war."