Trekking round Sydney


Weather reports say it's going to start raining, and the rain will last the rest of the week.

Thinking I didn't have much time, I hit the road before 7 this am, and took a trek through Hyde Park, the Royal Botanical Gardens, past the Opera House, and then to Circular Quay, all before breakfast. All before coffee!

Photo gallery can be found here. Returning to my neighbourhood (Potts Point/Darlinghurst/Kings Cross) at around eleven, found a sidewalk cafe and had a glorious breakfast, accompanied by two terrific cappucinos. Sunny, watching the populace go by, very entertaining. Thought of posting that that's what I was doing to Facebook, but then thought it wouldn't be kind. Surprisingly, given how many kilometers I've put in with these boots and these socks, I developed a blister on my left foot. So, given that and that it was supposed to rain any minute, I spent the rest of the afternoon processing photos and keeping off my feet. No rain yet.

Observations for today

  • Sydney is incredibly expensive. Today I bought some hairspray and a Mach 3 shaver (brought many blades, but left holder at home!), and it cost Aus$19.00+ (Cdn$1.05=Aus$) I remember reading last fall that somebody, I think the Economist, had come up with the top 10 cities to live in in the world, and Australia had three of them: Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Some reportage made the point that these were also among the most expensive cities to live in. I thought at the time, "I guess it's easy for some people to have a really great city if it's too expensive for the poor to live there!"
  • I'm staying in a backpackers' hostel, albeit with a private room. Two things strike me about the backpackers here. First, they seem to spend most of their time shopping for food, bringing it back and cooking it, and hanging around the patio. They seem, for worldly travellers, to be strangely disconnected from the place they're in. Second, many of them seem to be vegetarians of one sort or another, not that there's anything wrong with that, but many of them are also smokers.


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