Yow! 15 hours on a plane, and that only counts the time in the air.

The good news is, after a brief three-hour leg-stretch in the Hong Kong airport, there's only nine hours in the air left! (I think.) The cool thing about the flight to HKG was that it was direct from Toronto, and flew over the North Pole. Dark at the time, so didn't see the Pole, but saw plenty of the James Bay area before it got dark. Saw the ice pack north of Siberia, quite a bit of Siberia, and Mongolia. First time for all that! Some observations:

  • The guy in seat 60I (I was in 60K) must have been going to a gaming convention. How do I know? When served dinner, he ate the Haagen Dasz first.
  • Gal next to me (60J) was a Mandarin-speaking vegan from Wu-Jian. Now how often do you run into one of those? Food was a problem for her. She'd get her food first, then would sit with her shawl held up over her nose when the rest of us ate our chicken and salmon. I asked, and it was because the smell of it disgusted her.
  • Tuned in to the movie Drive, because it was well-reviewed, in my recollection. In it (I found out) Ryan Gosling plays a block of wood that can fix and drive cars. Stuff happens, and he moves a muscle or two, almost imperceptibly. For some reason, a seemingly otherwise reasonable woman and her son find this attractive. Turned it off.
  • The Hong Kong airport has a terminal about 4km long, but all the services are at one end (and not at the end you need to be).
  • One of the principles of my travelling has always been: no matter where I'm going, the plane to there is at the gate furthest away in the terminal involved. That principle remains intact, immutable.


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